10 cats sleeping in trees that prove they have the ultimate balance

July 28th, 2020

Cats love high places because it gives them a sense of control over their environment. They also just seem to like when humans can’t reach them – especially in cases when that really annoys us.

What can we say? They’re cats – being unavailable is part of their charm.

Despite the stereotype that all cats in trees require a firefighter to come rescue them, plenty of cats easily climb down from trees every day. In fact, we’re pretty confident these 10 did.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s always safe for them to make that dismount and occasionally they do get into situations they can’t get out of.

But these sleepy creatures? They’re just catching a good catnap.

1. Hanging around

If jaguars, cheetahs, lions, and tigers can hang on tree branches to catch some zzzs, why not a housecat?

This little kitty is playing King of the Jungle and no doubt scaring every squirrel, chipmunk, and bird nearby.

It’s a good thing the camouflage isn’t working!

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@dewycheek/Twitter Source: @dewycheek/Twitter

2. Copius cat crop

The cats came in beautifully this year, don’t you think?

It’s so hard to find a decent cat tree that blooms in the winter. We wonder what you have to do to get such furry foliage.

But in all seriousness, we’ve never seen anything like this.

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BillyGoat956961/Reddit Source: BillyGoat956961/Reddit

3. Balancing bed

This sawed-off tree branch provides perfect stability for a good nap with no swaying.

And that looks like more than a light cat nap – this furry friend is out like a light.

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SeattleMana/Reddit Source: SeattleMana/Reddit

4. Koala cat

We can’t stop laughing at this cat that’s sleeping like a koala bear in a tree.

We’re also not sure how that position is comfortable, but we’ve certainly seen worse.

That’s quite a chunky monkey to have gotten up there all on its own!

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Snax007/Imgur Source: Snax007/Imgur

5. Fruit pillow

Who knew apples made good pillows?

Frankly, we’d expect some bees up there to be buzzing this little kitty away, but it seems to be in a sweet autumnal slumber.

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@dewycheck/Twitter Source: @dewycheck/Twitter

6. A nap in the clouds

We just love this part-ginger kitty asleep in the treetops. It looks so peaceful and lush up there.

Don’t you almost wish you had the balance to take a nap like this – or is it just us?

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Imgur Source: Imgur

7. Sun’s out, tongue’s out

Does this look comfortable to you?

Oh well, to each their own. This kitty made us giggle with its little tongue peeking out.

Not all of us are elegant sleepers.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Source:

8. Is that really comfortable?

This definitely doesn’t look like the right position for rest.

But the back paws are engaged and at the very least it can hold onto that big branch if the wind blows too hard.

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@mavericktux/Instagram Source: @mavericktux/Instagram

9. A place to rest your head

At least there’s not too far to fall here and this kitten somehow looks both fast asleep and ready to attack if any prey comes flying or scurrying by.

We wouldn’t chance going anywhere near this tree though it cats thought of us as a tasty snack.

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@dewycheek/Twitter Source: @dewycheek/Twitter

10. Balancing act

Well, now we know what they look like from below – and there are more branches than we thought holding these sleepyheads up.

It’s funny how all of these cats look like they’re fast asleep, perhaps for hours, in such precarious positions.

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sirfrostyscratchalot/Instagram Source: sirfrostyscratchalot/Instagram


Here’s to hoping they all land on their feet!

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