Stray cat photobombs news segment and wins over reporter’s heart
He couldn't stop laughing about it!
Emma Shallcross

Anyone who owns a cat knows that they will do pretty much anything to get our attention, and that includes some pretty dumb moves (e.g. laying out behind us when we’re about to take a step backward). Most often, they’ll lie on our laptops when we’re trying to do work and meow in front of your face when they’ve decided it’s time to wake up in the morning.

So when a TV journalist, Artur Lira, was reporting on quite a serious matter, the stray cat in the background decided that this was his moment to shine, and he proceeded to steal all the attention away from the reporter. Luckily, Artur found the whole thing hilarious, and he shared the adorable video with us over on his Facebook page.


Artur was reporting on an arrest when the needy cat decided that the news report wasn’t anywhere near as important as getting petted. The cute little cat rubs up against the man’s legs as he speaks, causing him to break off from what he was saying and begin to laugh. He meows at Artur until he’s given what he wants – lots of attention!

Artur pets the cat and he happily butts the man’s hand with his head. But as soon as Artur tries to resume his reporting again, the cat begins to demand more attention!


In the next shot, Artur is standing behind a police truck. But before he can begin to speak, guess who’s back again?

The little stray pops his head out from the truck, and he looks so comical that Artur can’t help bursting out into laughter again.

Artur shared the hilarious clip onto his Facebook back in November 2019, with the caption:

“That time you’re recording the text and feel a cat passing between your legs πŸ˜‚ But he was so cute that he can’t even feel angry. Have you ever thought about going live? πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸˆπŸ˜ And when I moved he went there too. I think this cat wanted to be famous.”

People loved the video, and within no time the post had received over 2.4k reacts as well as hundreds of comments and shares. Many people questioned what would happen to the cat over in the comments section, with one person saying:

“Adopt the cat.”

Another person joked, “Congratulations, you now have a cat!” The video caused such a reaction that Artur created a post to follow up on the first one – and it’s good news!

The stray was known to hang around the police station and the policemen would regularly leave food for him – but now he was going to have his happy ending. Artur named the little cutie Frajola Delegato and found the perfect person to adopt him – his aunt!

“WE HAD A HAPPY ENDING!!! Everyone was sad because my mom can’t adopt the cat. And as I said, I understand her decision and in a way I agree. But my aunt Neide decided to stay with Frajola. I’m very happy because he’s staying in our family. My aunt lives near my house so I always visit him.

Today at the beginning of the night I picked him up at the police station, bought food, snacks, silverware, collar and took him to my aunt’s house. There’s a big garden and space for him to run and play. Tomorrow I’m taking him to spay, get shots and give him a bath. I’m very happy and I know you guys too. Now our DeleGato has a home to receive even more love and affection.”

We’re so happy that Frajola now had a home, and it’s even more special that Artur can still visit his little friend whenever he likes.

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