Cat Loves To Wear Tiny Scarf Wherever She Goes

May 14th, 2020

Have you ever been given a gift that you love so much that you simply can’t be parted with it?

Cats aren’t always the best animals to give a gift to, with many preferring the cardboard box to the actual gift inside. Some might say they’re easily pleased, but when you’ve spent $50 on a new cat bed which the cardboard box-loving cat refuses to sit in, we beg to differ, and would argue that a lot of the time, cats are just plain difficult.

But this cat is fully appreciative of the gift that she’s been given, and it’s a joy to see.

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Meet Cinnamon, a sweet little fur baby who lives with her owners, Callie and Ella Parsons. The seventeen-year-old feline was gifted her very own scarf, due to Ella running out of wool after attempting to knit a human-sized scarf.

“During quarantine, my sister was bored so she decided to knit a scarf with this really pretty cashmere yarn that she had,” Callie Parsons, Ella’s sister, told The Dodo. “However, she sort of ran out of yarn and the scarf was really small.”

Not wanting to waste all of her efforts, Ella gifted her scarf to Cinnamon, who instantly took to it in a way that the sisters never would have imagined.

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The little cutie is so devoted to her scarf that she wears it night and day, whether she’s eating, napping, or playing in the garden. Wherever cinnamon goes, so does her scarf. We think it suits her immensely!

“Cinnamon instantly fell in love with it and now wears it around all the time,” Callie said. “She just likes to sleep and snuggle with it and wear it around the house.”

Cinnamon is sure to be the trendiest cat in the neighborhood.

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It’s so sweet to see the way that Cinnamon has taken to her scarf — but what’s the reason behind it? Callie said:

“I think Cinnamon loves her scarf because she has never gotten a gift like that before. We always get her little catnip treats and play toys, but never something like a blanket.” She adds that “Since she is older she likes to sleep a lot so it is definitely something nice for her to snuggle with.”

We think that a scarf is an ingenious gift for a cat. Not only do they look high fashion, but they also double up as a blanket and keep you warm and cozy.

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Callie posted a video of Cinnamon wearing the scarf onto TikTok, and it instantly went viral with more than 645,400 likes and over 4,000 comments, as people just can’t get over how adorable Cinnamon is!

Callie explains in the video that her fur baby gets mad if anyone tries to take her scarf off — and if it ever falls off, she will wait until one of her owners puts it back on for her.

According to Callie, Cinnamon sat with Ella while she made it, “so she knows it was made with love.” How truly adorable. We think that every cat deserves their own little scarf!

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Source: Calliepars, The Dodo