Meet Marley, The Cat Who Permanently Looks Like He’s Judging Your Life Choices

May 13th, 2020

Lockdown is affecting everyone in different ways, and many of us might find that we’re being a bit more grumpy than usual. Maybe our tempers are a little shorter, or maybe we sulk more over the little things. But for one cat, thanks to his permanently grumpy face, life has always been this way.

Meet Marley, a 13-year-old Tabby cat who lives in California with his Siamese brother, Sherman. They’re a special kind of family. Not only does Marley have a naturally grumpy face, but Sherman is also just a little bit cross-eyed.

Together, the pair are a wonderful duo, and their Instagram account has gained over 67,000 followers who just can’t get enough of these adorable brothers.

The adorable account has been going for a long time and has over 3,000 posts. Naturally, this has drawn the attention of many fans, and the brothers have even been gifted fan art — featuring pictures of none other than themselves. What lucky boys!

Just look at the handsome fellow! Whilst Sherman looks like he’s basking in the excitement of life, Marley looks the complete opposite. The sad little kitty simply looks as if he’s well and truly done with life.

To make your day a little better, we thought we’d share our favorite pics from Marley’s Instagram with you all! We’re sure that you’ll find quite a few of the facial expressions relatable to lockdown life.

That Monday Morning Mood

This is the face that we pull bright and early at the beginning of the week, whilst we’re sat in bed trying to convince ourselves to turn off our alarm and get up. We feel you, little guy.

When Your Annoying Co-Worker Won’t Stop Talking

Yes, Susan, we heard you the first time. And the second. And the third.

The Face You Make When You’re Having Laptop Issues For The Third Time In The Same Morning

But you refuse to buy a new laptop.

When Your Friend Who Didn’t Take Your Advice Comes Crying Back To You

“Don’t say I told you so… Don’t say I told you so…”

Yep, there really is a Marley for every mood. What a sweet little guy!

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Source: Marley Katz