Boy Scouts are keeping cats warm with portable winter shelters made from storage totes
Tyrell is the leader of the group and he is being given the highest honor among boy scouts for his thoughtfulness and ingenuity.
Kate Miano

A Boy Scout assembled his troop to work on a unique community service project.

As the winter months approached, he decided to build insulated shelters that would help keep his community’s street cats warm and safe during the cold season.

With this sweet gesture, he helped out a group of creatures who can’t advocate for themselves.

A high school Boy Scout wanted to do something for the stray cats in his community.

Tyrell Cooper is a member of Boy Scout troop 3310.

He motivated his troop to assemble the cat shelters, and drop them off at Lifeline Animal Project.

The nonprofit was immensely grateful for Tyrell’s help and his cat shelters will be going towards some kitties in need.

Lifeline Animal Project is a Georgia-based animal care center that focuses on helping stray animals around Atlanta.

They work to help address animal homelessness at its root causes while improving the quality of life for feral animals.

It serves as a shelter to unite people with animals in need.

Pexels - Dids
Pexels - Dids

Their Pets for Life program focuses on helping pet owners who live below the poverty line access pet care services.

This helps people provide their beloved pets with quality food, shelter, and medical care, when they may not be able to afford it otherwise.

They have compassion for all those in need.

flickr - Jackie
flickr - Jackie

Feline Abodes are insulated structures that are perfect for cats.

They help keep them warm if they live outdoors in the winter.

They can be for either stray cats or cats who live with their owners who are experiencing homelessness.

This initiative helps the cats and kittens who need shelter, and it also helps improve the peace of mind and happiness of loving pet owners who need assistance.

These shelters aren’t hard to build and improve animal welfare greatly.

Pexels - Aleksandr Nadyojin
Pexels - Aleksandr Nadyojin

After building this amazing shelter for the cats, Tyrell became an Eagle Scout.

This is a pretty huge honor.

Eagle Scout is the highest rank in the Boy Scouts and it takes years and a lot of hard work to achieve the title.

Often, Eagle Scouts have to complete hours of community service and gain many skills in order to reach this level. They have to go through every Boy Scout rank, serve in leadership positions, and pass a board of review.

flickr - Douglas Muth
flickr - Douglas Muth

For Tyrell, making these cat shelters was his community service project that helped him advance to Eagle Scout.

Now that he is an Eagle Scout, he has a lifetime honor and the knowledge that his work helped his community.

These shelters will go to cats in Lifeline Animal Project’s care.

Some people that Lifeline Animal Project works with have outdoor colonies of cats that live on their properties. These outdoor cat colonies are often made up of cats who are too feral to be taken to a shelter and put up for adoption.

So, people take care of these animals by ensuring they have everything they need to survive while still giving them the freedom of living in the wild among their community.

Many cats in the Atlanta area will be able to stay warm in the wild thanks to Tyrell’s help.

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By Kate Miano
Kate Miano is a contributor at SBLY Media.