Boy with prosthetic leg finds 'soulmate' after befriending puppy without a paw
They instantly became the best of friends.
Gianella Argao

We already know by now that the bond between dogs and humans is unlike any other. Sometimes, people even go as far as thinking that their canines are their soulmates and best friends.

This particular story only proves that this is true.

7-year-old Paxton Williams from Minnesota was born prematurely and suffered an infection in his right leg, which caused the limb to stop growing.

Youtube - WCCO - CBS Minnesota
Youtube - WCCO - CBS Minnesota

His parents opted to have the damaged limb amputated when he was four years old, despite the fact that it was a tough decision. The child now walks with the assistance of a prosthesis.

Marvel, a puppy born without her front right paw, was just brought into this boy’s life. The proprietor of Rolling Oaks Garden, Barb Felt, played a key role in bringing these two together.

She and her team breed and raise high-pedigree golden retrievers, and when a previous client told her about Paxton and his limb deformity, she immediately thought of Marvel.

Youtube - WCCO - CBS Minnesota
Youtube - WCCO - CBS Minnesota

Barb started the process by asking their Facebook and Instagram followers for puppy name suggestions.

“We didn’t know what to name her and we weren’t sure how long we would keep her,” Barb explained. “If she would go to a foster home for training or if we would do the training or if we would match her with a family,”

Paxton’s occupational therapist and a previous client, who owns one of their golden retrievers, contacted her to inform him about the youngster.

Marvel was a unique puppy, not only because of her missing front right paw but also because she was the only female in a litter of eleven. Barb said that this has never happened before since she started her farm.

“It was truly a special litter, so we knew right away Marvel is going to have a very special purpose in life,” she added.

When the farm initially announced Marvel on social media, they received a flood of requests from individuals seeking to adopt her. Barb, on the other hand, wanted to give Marvel to someone who was similar to her.

Barb once saw a video about a young girl with a prosthetic limb who adopted a dog without a paw. Barb wanted the same for Marvel after seeing the delight that the small puppy brought to that girl.

Fortunately, her previous customer was quick to alert her about Paxton’s existence. Barb then contacted the boy’s father, Blaine Williams, and the family agreed to see the dog.

Barb recounted, “We spoke and they came and they met Marvel. At that time, we hadn’t really named Marvel yet.”

“Marvel was our favorite name and we asked if they like that name because, of course, if she was going to be their puppy, we wanted Paxton to like the name,” she continued. “He’s a big fan of the Avengers so he loved the name.”

When Marvel and the Williams family met, it was obvious that they were a match made in heaven. The adoption took three weeks because the puppy required a last examination before they could take her home.

The adorable dog is currently settling in nicely to her new life. Paxton’s mother, Stephanie Williams, claims that Marvel has already changed the way her son talks about his own experience with others.

“It gives him the opportunity to tell the kids, ‘Oh she’s missing a paw, she’s like me,’ and like it gives him that voice, too, to advocate for himself,” she said.

Barb is overjoyed with her decision since she knows she made the best possible choice.

“Like I said previously, a match made in heaven,” she remarked. “They’re a great family. We just feel so fortunate to be a part of this for them.”

It’s heartwarming to see how the two found their way to each other. We’re already sure they’re going to be best friends for life.

Watch the video below to witness Paxton and Marvel’s story.

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By Gianella Argao
Gianella Argao is a contributor at SBLY Media.