Blind dog surrendered to shelter with his ‘seeing eye’ cat
Spike had a painful cataract that made him blind. His buddy, Max, served as his "eyes" and formed this lifelong friendship and bond with him.
Cherie Gozon

We rely on our five senses more than we could imagine.

Our senses – touch, sight, smell, taste, and sound – help us navigate our everyday lives. Even the simplest tasks like eating and bathing would utilize these senses.

Unsplash - Sharon McCutcheon
Unsplash - Sharon McCutcheon

But can you imagine your life when you lose or lack one of them? It can be difficult to adjust to this way of life.

Animals have that challenge, too.

Unsplash - Lily Banse
Unsplash - Lily Banse

When animals lose their senses, they are at the mercy of humans or other animals. We can consider them lucky if they have that kind of support.

Spike was lucky to have a trusted friend like Max.

Spike and Max, both eight years old, lived together their whole lives. Spike was blind, and Max worked as his “seeing eye” cat wherever they went and whatever they did. The dog relied on Max, mainly since they lived outdoors.

They have always had a great partnership, and Max served as Spike’s guide to surviving the outdoors. The duo did everything together – sleeping, eating, playing.

Their owner gave them up because they could no longer provide for their needs. They thought it’d be best to place them in a shelter and find a new home rather than suffer with them and get neglected.

Both Spike and Max were surrendered to Saving Grace Animal Society.

“We got a call [regarding] an older dog and a cat on their property that they said, given these colder temperatures, they just weren’t sure if they were having the right quality of life and they were able to provide for them as best as they could,” Executive Director Erin Deems told Global News.

The shelter also noticed how these two worked together. When they let them out and take a walk, Max would lead the way, and Spike would sniff his dear friend and follow. They decided that if anyone was interested in adopting, they should take them both.

The shelter recognized the multiple challenges of getting these two adopted.

It won’t be easy for their new family to have two pets at once. Spike’s blindness heavily relied on Max, so it was a big barrier to adoption.

Since both have lived outdoors for most of their lives, the shelter recognized that training the two to live indoors might be challenging. Plus, based on their experience, the shelter said that it was tougher to get older animals adopted.

YouTube Screenshot - Good Morning America
YouTube Screenshot - Good Morning America

People would often go for puppies or kittens because they would want to adopt a pet for the long term. Knowing that Spike and Max were already eight years old, potential adopters might think they have so little time left.

Nonetheless, after a series of vet checks, the two were put up for adoption.

Many people were interested in adopting them both. They were adorable, extremely friendly, and looked like a new home could benefit them.

True enough, after more or less a week, Spike and Max found their forever home in Manitoba. Their fast adoption proved that many humans out there appreciate and love animals despite their disabilities.

The two finally were in the home they deserved. Check out a video about the pair below!

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