Black cat screeches over baby monitor, then mom realizes it’s a warning and grabs the phone
"There's no way we can repay him."
Jenny Brown

For Roy and Bernita Rogers, the road to parenthood was long and hard.

The couple had yearned to start a family but seemed cursed with bad luck. Bernita had gotten pregnant three times, giving birth to three premature babies, each passing away.

In an interview with Oprah, she recalled:

“There’s a place that you don’t know will ever be filled— that love you have for a child.”

YouTube Screenshot - OWN
YouTube Screenshot - OWN

Shortly after their third loss, Roger and Bernita found a tiny stray kitten wandering outside.

Having so much love to give, the couple immediately took him in.

The kitten, whom the couple named Midnight, was affectionate, often demanding attention in the form of cuddles and pets.

Although black cats are rumored to bring bad luck, for the Rogers, Midnight seemed to have the opposite effect.

YouTube Screenshot - OWN
YouTube Screenshot - OWN

Within one year of adopting Midnight, Bernita was pregnant with a daughter named Stacey.

“I do believe Stacey’s birth was a miracle,” she said.

“I don’t think I can put into words how long we waited and how special that made her. “

YouTube Screenshot - OWN
YouTube Screenshot - OWN

After Stacey was born, Midnight completely fell in love.

He would always be watching and observing the baby, and it wasn’t rare to see him trailing her from to room.

For that first little bit, everything was perfect.

YouTube Screenshot - OWN
YouTube Screenshot - OWN

When Stacey hit six weeks old, she suddenly came down with some sort of illness.

Bernita, understandably worried, rushed the newborn to a pediatrician who assured her it was nothing more than a common cold.

That afternoon, upon returning home, Bernita put the baby down for a nap.

What followed, however, was an incredible act of animal alertness that Bernita will never forget.

Shortly after Bernita put Stacey d0wn to sleep, Midnight ran into the living room and started jumping in and out of her lap.

It was clear he wanted something, but Bernita wasn’t interested at the time.

Within a few seconds, Midnight gave up and quickly dashed away.

A few seconds later, Bernita heard Midnight making disturbing screeches and wails over the baby monitor.

YouTube Screenshot - OWN
YouTube Screenshot - OWN

“It was frightening enough that I jumped out of the chair and ran upstairs,” she recalled.

Upon investigating, Bernita found Midnight leaning over Stacey’s bassinet. When she glanced over the railing, her heart immediately stopped.

The baby was gasping and struggling to breathe. Her little face was turning blue.

Bernita rushed the newborn to the hospital, where she soon went into full-blown respiratory failure.

Luckily, the mother had arrived early enough that doctors could save her life.

“This cat actually saved this baby’s life for us,” said Bernita.

“And there’s no way we can repay him.”

Since being uploaded to YouTube, Bernita’s story has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

“Cats sense disease and pain in humans. Some animals really have this protective role over human babies, I have seen it many times.”

“Cats and all animals are sentient, intelligent beings. Seems like Midnight was her guardian angel.”

“Midnight… you did an amazing job helping to save the baby you loved.”

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