Mom adopts bird that husband doesn’t want only plan backfires when bird prefers dad over his mom

April 23rd, 2021

Ken and Jennifer already had a bunch of kids and pets they cared for.

So, Ken wasn’t exactly on board when Jennifer wanted to get a new bird.

“At first I was anti-adding another pet but I was like, ‘Go ahead and do what you gotta do,'” he told The Dodo.

And boy was Buster, an umbrella cockatoo, happy about that.

“I love everything in my new life with my family. I have a dog, a few birds, a fish, and snails for pets. I walks around our neighborhood specially on sunny days,” he writes on his Instagram page.

Buster is pretty much an all-around happy bird.

And his plucky attitude ended up warming the heart of the guy who wasn’t sure he wanted him.

“When we first got him I scratched his head and he was like ‘That feels so good.’ Yeah, he’s definitely changed me. He’s part of the family,” Ken said.

Now, these two are each other’s best buddies.

“[Ken] is not the type of person who really wears his heart on his sleeve so it’s really endearing, not for just me but the kids, to see him and Buster. It’s really sweet to see what a bird can bring out,” Jennifer said.

Buster waits all day for his daddy to come home.

And when he does, he gets extra happy.

“He likes to wait until dad gets home. About 4 o’clock, he’ll start coming out,” Jennifer explains.

He runs up to daddy when he walks in the door and jumps on his chest and starts jabbering away.

“When I come in he tells me all about this day,” Ken said. “A lot of his conversation is kind of left to interpretation.”

Though Buster can talk and like to say things like, “I’m a good boy.”

Buster is definitely a daddy’s boy.

“Buster doesn’t always like to interact with me much,” Jennifer explains.

When he’s not waiting for daddy to come home, Buster is an all-around fun party animal.

Buster will play with some toy cars, help mom with her crosswords puzzles, or chase the dogs around.

But his favorite thing to do is sing and dance.

“When I come home, he’ll just remind you that he’s a good boy,” Ken said. “When I make a plate here he comes. He loves music he gets in the mood of whatever genre you’re playing. He is just like a big kid.”

Sometimes Buster actually thinks he’s a dog. He eats right beside the dogs and will even eat some of their treats.

But he gets really tired after a day of partying and being a joy to everyone around him. That’s when his plume goes down and he cozies up with dad.

“He usually climbs up in my recliner and he’ll get up in my ear and he’ll nibble on my ear and it’s like he’s in his happy place,” Ken said.

Learn more about Buster and his daddy and best friend below.

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