Humans give wild birds twigs and sticks to build their home, they happily accept the help

July 14th, 2020

Everyone needs a little help now and then.

But not everyone accepts the help they need.

Thankfully, for a bird couple, they accepted help from some humans so they could build the perfect nest to start their family.

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Ian Bailey and his wife Jan came across the bird couple when they were having a walk through a park near their England home.

The coots were working on bringing materials together to build a nest near the park’s pond.

The female coot stayed in the nest, while the male went off to get more materials to add to it.

Posted by Ian Bailey onSunday, July 9, 2017

But this required a lot of work.

“As the banks are quite steep, the coot was having to swim a long way to fetch twigs,” Ian told The Dodo.

Ian and Jan figured they would try to make things a little bit easier and try to help the coots.

Posted by Ian Bailey onWednesday, July 25, 2018

So, the Baileys started to pick up some twigs and sticks nearby and plopped them in the water close to the nest.

The birds eventually caught on to what they were doing.

And they were thrilled to receive help. They even swam on over to Ian and Jan and took the twigs right out of their hand. The Baileys got a huge kick out of this!

Posted by Jan Bailey onMonday, January 20, 2020

“He gladly took them,” Ian said. “We were surprised and thrilled. They seemed to understand what we were doing.”

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Since they were accepting the help, the Baileys decided they would help for a while longer.

And thanks to them, the nest-building project was moving along way ahead of schedule.

And the Baileys were more than happy to make home a little bit more comfortable for the coot couple.

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But they weren’t just helping out the couple.

They were helping their future babies too.

The Baileys visited the park at a later date and found that the coot couple had started a lovely family of their own.

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The family was safe and comfortable thanks to their own hard work and the work of the Baileys.

But the Baileys didn’t want to take any credit for the construction project.

“I’m sure they would have done it without us, but it was very satisfying,” Ian said.

Posted by Jan Bailey onFriday, January 4, 2019

The Baileys got the whole collaboration on video.

You just see the male coot jumping up to grab a stick directly out of Jan’s hand and plopping back down into the water with it.

He then swims them over to the nest where his lady is waiting. Jan places the stick a little bit lower the next time so he doesn’t have to jump up.

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And again, he brings it back over to his lady who is patiently sitting in the nest.

He goes back and forth doing this several times to Jan and Ian’s delight.

It is quite the adorable spectacle and also quite unusual to see a bird be so trusting and come into such close contact with a frog.

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I mean, why put all that extra work into something if there are perfectly nice people who are willing and want very much to help you?

This male coot couldn’t think of a good reason so he just let the Baileys help.

They Baileys ended up posting the video on YouTube where it was viewed more than 72,000 times. You can watch it below.

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Source: Stephen Messenger, The Dodo