Man picks up tiny egg from his garden and little animal hatches in his hand

July 22nd, 2021

A man in Hawaii got a nice surprise while out in his garden in Oahu, Hawaii. As he worked in the garden, he discovered some tiny eggs inside a log near his flowers.

The eggs were small and white, and he wasn’t sure at first what kind of animal they belonged to.

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Worried the eggs could be the home of some common garden pests, the man further inspected the eleven eggs he found in the log by grabbing a couple in his hand. About the size of a peanut, the eggs looked like nothing he had seen in his garden before, and as he looked closely at them, something unbelievable began to happen.

Right there in his hand, one of the tiny eggs began to shake and crack as little pieces of white shell began to flake off of the outside.

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While the other eggs the man had picked up appeared to be empty, this one little egg began to show signs of life right there in front of him.

A tiny lizard head began to break free from the shell as it tried to wiggle its way out of its former home.

Smaller than the tip of his finger, the man was suddenly greeted by a baby gecko. Fearing he would injure the little gecko, he returned the lizard and the other eggs back to the inside of the log where they could safely return to their home.

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Oahu, Hawaii is host to several different species of geckos, but the man was unable to identify which one this baby gecko might have belonged to.

Either way, for this man, some routine gardening truly became the experience of a lifetime when he was able to experience the hatching of a gecko in his very own hand.

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Another gardener on YouTube shared a similar story of finding baby gecko eggs.

The gardener, Alex, explained that he was putting in a new wall and saw the eggs. He didn’t want to crush them when he put in the bricks, and so he decided to bring them inside and help them hatch.

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As soon as they hatched, Alex brought them back outside. The whole thing is adorable to watch.

Check out the video about the gecko babies below!

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Source: Imgur, Greenthumbs Garden