Dogs are quirky creatures who often do unintentionally hilarious things. When their dog does something funny, many people will reach for their phone and take a photo. And one of the best ways to share these cute photos is Snapchat. Snapchat is just one of many apps that people use to take and send photos to their friends – but in our experience, people are able to add the funniest captions to Snapchat photos.

Snapchat is full of hilarious photos featuring man’s best friend. Sometimes, owners will add captions to the photos, and other times, the photos simply speak for themselves! But there’s one thing all these photos have in common: they’re all guaranteed to make you smile.

If you are a dog lover (even if you aren’t), these perfect photos will put a smile on your face or even make you laugh. Dogs have a unique ability to touch our hearts in ways that no one else can. They’re man’s best friend for good reason!

We’ve gathered some of the most hilarious dog Snapchats featuring some heart-meltingly adorable pups. We scoured the Internet – it turns out there is no shortage of adorable and hilarious dog Snapchats on the web – and have put together a list of 35+ of the funniest and most adorable photos that we could find. We really spent a lot of time finding the best photos, so we’re excited to share them with you today.

We personally found that the caption on #32, which refers to how the owner’s dog looks at pizza, is funny and relatable. We also really liked #33. As you’re looking through these Snapchats, let us know which of the photos is your favorite in the comment section. It’s okay if you have multiple favorites, so do we!

If you’re in need of a good laugh today, check out these great Snapchats! We have to say, some of these captions are really clever. Which of these Snapchats is your favorite?

Enjoy these 35+ hilarious dog Snapchats that are impossible not to laugh at!