20 cats that will never forgive their humans for the bad haircuts they got at the vet

October 1st, 2020

It all began with a Tweet a few weeks back that gave everyone the giggle they needed.

A Twitter user who goes by “Ash” posted a photo of her friend’s cat with its legs shaved for surgery. It’s one of those photos where you absolutely feel bad for the animal but also can’t help but at least smirk at because – well, it looks funny.

Of course, that got everyone thinking about the cats they’ve known and loved who had to get a bit of a shave in the name of their health and/or comfort.

So, yep, we definitely pity these kitties, but the hair will grow back. We just can’t help but get a guilty laugh out of some of these:

1. Gogo boots

There’s just something leg shaving and leaving the paw fur that makes us think of big, furry gogo boots.

But we’re guessing that these boots were made for walking all over her owner at 3 am as a punishment for the vet visit.

2. Displeased

Animals seem to know when they look ridiculous and it makes them pretty miffed.

And they didn’t even have a say in getting a haircut to begin with. But there’s no use in telling them it’s for their own good.

3. Demanding its refund

Someone paid to have their cat groomed like this?

Poor fluffy baby.

It looks like it was training day for student groomers and someone got a future cat beauty school dropout.

4. I will have revenge

Apparently this was necessary after another human messed up their attempt at grooming.

Honestly, we’re surprised and impressed that this cat ever wants to go near a human again. But perhaps it just wanted photo proof to take to kitty court.

5. Shellshocked

This cat looks like it can’t believe what just happened to it.

The cone, the missing fur…there’s no winning here.

Revenge is imminent.

6. Turkey leg

Aww, poor kitto.

We’re always glad to see these furry friends on the mend and no one wants them to have to go through a medical procedure.

But it’s so odd to see what they look like beneath that fur!

7. The full body shave

Ooh, Rat Boy looks MAD.

And we don’t blame him.

First of all, his name is Rat Boy, and second of all, we bet he was COLD.

8. Meme-worthy

Ooh, that’s almost to cringy to laugh about.

Tails are much weirder-looking appendages that we realized!

9. Rocking the look

There’s no keeping this gorgeous cat down.

Shaved legs? No problem.

Somehow it still looks posh.

10. The evil eye

This cat will have the last laugh.

Those furry boots were made for kicking anyone who dares laugh while it’s watching.

11. Better or worse?

Ok, serious question – which is worse: the bald spot or being forced to wear a cat onesie?

This cat looks pretty ok with it all, which is impressive. Or maybe it’s still a bit sedated.

12. Adding insult to injury

See, now that’s just gonna get you mauled to death.

This cat’s face says “go ahead and take your picture – it will only serve as justification for tomorrow’s attack.”

13. Bare butt

Aww, poor Ambrose. That sounds like a painful injury.

And no creature should have to walk around with their butt shaved. (But if they do, someone should probably put it on Twitter.)

14. Out in public

Well good for this cat for not letting a ridiculous-looking grooming job keep it from enjoying life.

Perhaps it can convince all the other creatures it’s the new neighborhood lion.

15. Leave it long in the back

It’s like a cat mullet with quite a party in the back.

Apparently some cats just can’t manage all that fur and need to have a closer shave.

But we can’t imagine what they think when they go to groom themselves for the first time!

16. Goodbye, dignity

We might have spit out our coffee.

This cat knows just how dire things look – and he looks like he needs a stiff drink.

17. Get me a lawyer

You’ll have to click this one for the full ridiculousness.

We just hope Bo got a good lawyer because we’d want compensation for pain and suffering.

18. Stubborn and bald

Well, what else are you going to do when your cat refuses to get brushed?

Matted fur can pick up all sorts of things and when they do decide to groom can give a cat one heck of a hairball.

Don’t you wish you could just explain the options to this feline?

19. King of the jungle

Luckily, this grew back quickly. Because we doubt he felt like royalty without his cloak.

20. He’s got the look

Apparently Sassy kind of enjoys getting a shave.

Perhaps Sassy doesn’t own a mirror.


Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do to keep your cat healthy, and sometimes that means having to grow back some hair.

We laugh, but we’re glad these semi-furry felines were all ok. And we’re pretty confident they got their revenge in the end anyway.

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Source: Twitter – @trashlyn_
H/t: Bored Panda