15 Of The Cutest Baby Animals

August 3rd, 2017

We all know some animals in the animal kingdom are just way too adorable, but the cuteness factor goes up a lot if we’re talking about baby animals. There’s just something so incredibly cute about these little animals and it’s impossible not to smile. Here are fifteen fantastic pictures of baby animals from all over the web and we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with each and every one of them.

1) Baby chinchillas

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The endangered chinchillas aren’t very common, which makes them especially adorable. The rodents, slightly larger than a squirrel, are native to the Andes mountains. This picture chinchilla being nurtured with a bottle is just too sweet.

2) Baby rabbits

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Danielle Kiemel Source: Danielle Kiemel

They don’t really look like adult bunnies, and baby rabbits are often mistaken for other animal species altogether. Their charming dark fur certainly tends to bring a smile to people’s faces.

3) Baby kangaroos

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Have you ever wondered what kangaroos use their pouch for? For carrying their adorable little children around, of course.

4) Baby turtles

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If you have a prejudice that turtles are slow and boring, think again! Some baby turtles will be sure to melt your heart, especially this little guy who seems to be still getting used to his shell.

5) Baby hedgehogs

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There’s just something special about seeing these rather prickly animals as newborns. Even though the adult versions of hedgehogs are already adorable in their own right, the super small size of baby hedgehogs is truly a sight to behold.

6) Baby doves

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The sight of a newborn dove might be a bit scary at first because we’re not used to seeing them without their feathers. But when they’re smaller, there’s an undeniable cuteness factor present before they start to grow fur.

7) Baby giraffes

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Shizzi Source: Shizzi

The babies of these majestic animals look absolutely adorable. They already have their trademark length and skin, just in a cuter smaller version.

8) Baby hamsters

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Facebook, Million Pictures Source: Facebook, Million Pictures

It’s absolutely incredible how small baby hamsters can actually be! Just look at this delightful little hamster.

9) Baby pandas

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Brightside Source: Brightside

There can’t be any possible doubt: truly everyone loves pandas. A baby panda is even better though, especially if it’s being nurtured by its mom. How cute!

10) Baby crocodiles

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Now, we’ll admit – regular crocodiles wouldn’t score very high in a list of cute animals, but the same can’t be said for newborn crocodiles. What a dreamy look!

11) Baby chameleons

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Chris Minihane Source: Chris Minihane

Chameleons do their best to stay subtle and blend in with the environment, and because of their size, it makes baby chameleons ever harder to spot.

12) Baby camels

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Victoria Haack Source: Victoria Haack

There’s just something very special about seeing a baby camel sitting right next to mom or dad. A mini-version ready to explore the world, beautiful!

13) Baby spiny anteaters

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Imgur Source: Imgur

The family of spiny anteaters – sometimes referred to as an echidna – is native to Australia and the New Guinea regions and feature a very distinctive fur with spikes. The fun part about their babies is that the spikes haven’t developed yet, which results in great pictures such as this one.

14) Baby wombats

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Uniqpost Source: Uniqpost

Baby wombats are practically indistinguishable from regular wombats because you’d never expect to see them so naked without their fur. Even though their sharp claws are already strikingly present, you can’t help but acknowledge the high cuteness factor here.

15) Baby armadillos

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Armadillos like to roll around, but this baby armadillo seems particularly interested in getting some well-deserved rest.

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