13 things no one ever tells you about owning a Great Dane
Who already knew these?
Rose Ann Dabu

If you love dogs, you are surely aware that each breed has certain characteristics and that’s what makes them even more adorable and loveable.

Just like Great Danes which are known for their remarkable appearance.

According to, Great Danes are also sweet and affectionate.

They are likewise friendly and sociable.

If you’ve been considering adding a Great Dane to your family, here are other things that you should know before getting one.

YouTube - Great Dane Care
YouTube - Great Dane Care

Thanks to Great Dane Care for sharing these 13 things about this adorable dog breed.

1. They fart a lot.

Zach, the speaker in the video down below, was not joking when he said that Great Danes frequently fart.

He said that Gus, the name of his furry friend, would even fart even while he is asleep.

2. They are clingy.

Pexels - Roland DRz
Pexels - Roland DRz

According to Zach, Gus usually follows him everywhere he goes.

Even when he uses the bathroom, she usually accompanies him.

If you want to have a Great Dane, you should be prepared to pee with a cute and huge doggo watching over you.

3. Great Danes are “vocal.”

Nope, it’s not about the barking. Gus, in particular, usually makes some random growls and cute sounds.

It looks like he has a lot of things to say to Zach.

This is perfect if you love an expressive fur baby.

4. Surprisingly, they tend to be scared of some strange things.

Pexels - Ozan Kerem Karakaya
Pexels - Ozan Kerem Karakaya

Although Great Danes are known for being courageous and for their physical strength, it turns out that there are some things that can frighten them.

This includes some random sounds and objects.

5. Having a Great Dane can become addicting.

Zach can attest to this.

As these doggos are fun to have around, once you already own one, you would probably want to have more.

It would be so much fun and amazing to watch two Great Danes play together.

Don’t you agree?

6. They frequently hover on furniture.

YouTube - Great Dane Care
YouTube - Great Dane Care

This is very important to take note so you will know which furniture to keep and which to get rid of once you’ve brought your Great Dane home.

This is to protect both the dog and your family.

7. It’s crucial to learn how to help them in controlling their drooling

They can slobber anywhere in the house so keep in mind to get more mats once you already have a Great Dane at home.

8. They love drinking water!

Pexels - Elle Hughes
Pexels - Elle Hughes

Yup, therefore make sure to regularly fill their water bowls.

And remember to bring enough water if you plan to take them outside.

9. Be ready to deal with public attention.

It’s not all time you’ll meet Great Dane owners compared to the ones who own other breeds.

Thus, once you already have one, don’t be surprised if some people will ask questions about it especially when you’re wandering outdoors.

10. Make sure to keep them dry when it’s raining.

Pexels - Joel
Pexels - Joel

Although they love to drink water, it’s not the same when it’s raining.

Hence, don’t forget to bring raincoats for them just in case you’re outside and it suddenly rains.

11. Their tail can hurt.

Pexels - Jon
Pexels - Jon

As their size is quite bigger than other dogs, always keep in mind that their tail can hurt.

With this being said, you may want to inform other people who will approach your fur baby to be careful and keep a safe distance.

12. Be ready to become a “crazy Dane” lady/man

Knowing that Great Danes are terrific, you’ll surely love them more once you experienced having one for many years.

13. You will love snuggling and cuddling with them.

YouTube - Great Dane Care
YouTube - Great Dane Care

We all know how cuddling with dogs can boost anyone’s mood.

And to be able to do this to a dog that has the same size as humans is just amazing.

Zach even described this as “magical.”

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