Photos Of Labradors Prove They're Angels

January 30th, 2018

Labrador Retrievers didn’t become America’s favorite dog breed by accident. They are sweet, friendly, loyal dogs that would do absolutely anything to protect the ones they love. They’re basically just angels covered in fur.

Labs are not only wonderful pets, but they’re also used as service dogs, search and rescue helpers, hunting companions, and so much more. They’re essentially the saints of the dog world.

Historically, Labradors were bred as a fisherman’s helper; they would haul in nets, fetch ropes in the water, and retrieve fish. Today? They’re incredible snugglers, great listeners, and are always up for giving you a nice wet Labrador kiss.

These 15 photos prove that this incredible breed is pretty much the best in the world.

Get ready for your heart to melt.

1. If you ever need someone to vent and talk to – a Lab will always be there.

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Andrea_Arden via Flickr Source: Andrea_Arden via Flickr

2. They get along wonderfully with other dogs and love taking naps with you.

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Tinjana via Reddit Source: Tinjana via Reddit

3. When they’re puppies – they’re pretty much the cutest things you’ve ever laid eyes on.

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Maizy_Nala_and_Lainey via Instagram Source: Maizy_Nala_and_Lainey via Instagram

4. Their souls just get sweeter and gentler as they age.

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Pxhere Source: Pxhere

5. Labrador Retrievers are great with children.

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Dogs Online Source: Dogs Online

6. Even around babies, Labs will protect and watch over them.

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Buzzsharer Source: Buzzsharer

7. They can be really silly and always know how to make us laugh.

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Imgur Source: Imgur

8. They are great role models for other dogs.

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Notoriously_Infamous via Reddit Source: Notoriously_Infamous via Reddit

9. Waking up to their sweet faces never gets old.

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Cassius_au_Bellona via Reddit Source: Cassius_au_Bellona via Reddit

10. If you’re ever feeling down, they’re always there to comfort you.

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miaouf via Instagram Source: miaouf via Instagram

11. They know how to let loose and have a little fun.

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piper_thelabrador_ via Instagram Source: piper_thelabrador_ via Instagram

12. But they also know when they need to be serious and get down to business.

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Ruralite Source: Ruralite

13. Labradors always seem to have a smile on their face.

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Daily Puppy Source: Daily Puppy

14. They certainly know how to bring a smile to our face.

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Wikimedia Source: Wikimedia

15. Oh, and did we mention how adorable they are as puppies?!

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cowgirlevie via Instagram Source: cowgirlevie via Instagram

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