Abandoned baby rhino finds comfort and care in a loving zebra that saved her life
Really, they saved each other.
Caryl Jane Espiritu

It is sad to admit, but rhinos are now considered to be highly endangered. But, despite this fact, there are still people who commit unlawful acts that can lead to these animals’ extinction.

With their numbers dwindling and their habitat slowly getting lost, rhinos are now more susceptible to dying in the wild. Sometimes, young rhinos are being abandoned and only survive through rescue operations conducted by animal welfare groups.

One animal welfare group whose advocacy is to save rhinos is the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary.

The wildlife sanctuary is located in South Africa and its goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and protect rhinos in the wild. Young rhinos that are left by their moms are taken in and looked after until they grow strong enough to fend for their own.

This sanctuary is the largest rhino orphan sanctuary in the world. And every year, they help various young rhinos in recovering and growing stronger so they can have better chances of surviving in the wild.

Daisy, a baby rhino, was brought into the sanctuary one day.

Young Daisy was rescued by rangers, and her condition wasn’t good when she arrived. She was just a few days old when the rescuers found her, abandoned and struggling to live.

The rhino was not doing well and people at the sanctuary were worried about her survival. Daisy did not get colostrum or even milk from her mother, which resulted in her being weak due to extreme hunger.

Sanctuary workers focused on helping her get better by giving her various food and care.

On top of her lack of nourishment, Daisy also had a bad case of umbilical cord infection. She was suffering from it while trying to live beyond her hunger. Poor thing.

She needed a plasma transfusion, and there was always someone who had to oversee her condition. Daisy definitely received a lot of care and attention, but what helped the most in making her survive is by being next to another animal: a zebra named Modjadji.

Modjadji, which in Africa means “rain queen,” never left Daisy’s side during her fight for life.

Because of her condition, Daisy had to undergo various treatments and was monitored closely by the sanctuary staff. All throughout these trials, Modjadji never left Daisy. They were inseparable.

Their friendship was instant. They clicked and despite their difference, their connection was undeniable. Everyone in the sanctuary saw that they were good for each other.

The two of them are often found cuddling each other.

Daisy is a rhino and Modjadji is a zebra, but looking at them together makes one think that Modjadji is Daisy’s mother. The rhino was abandoned by her mother, but she found a mom in the zebra she met at the sanctuary.

Truly, love can be seen anywhere and even animals know how to give it to each other. The connection between these two is one that we all love to share.

Know more about this unique friendship by watching the video below.

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