Woman Rescues Kitten That's Actually A Baby Fox

April 18th, 2018

When Martine Vos heard that there was a baby kitten that needed help, she rushed over to assist the man who found it.

She had no idea that the rescue mission would fulfill a lifelong dream of hers.

Vos volunteers for the Belgium-based Cat Shelter Limburg, a rescue organization that cares for cats. They received a call from a man who found the kitten and asked the Cat Shelter Limburg if they could pick the little kitty up and give it the proper care that it needed.

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Martine Vos Source: Martine Vos

“A man called our rescue number because he found a very little black kitten, only a few days old,” Vos told The Dodo. “He asked us to come and pick up this little baby.”

There were no signs of the cat’s mom or any of its siblings.

She figured she would find the cat a nice foster family to take care of the kitten until she found a family to adopt it. But then she noticed that something was off about this kitten.

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Martine Vos Source: Martine Vos

“When I took the baby in my hands, she seemed really big and it felt totally different how a kitten should feel,” Vos said.

Her face didn’t really seem very kitten-like with a snout that seemed pointier than a cat’s

So, Vos decided to find out a little bit more about this creature’s unique qualities. She took the little baby to a veterinarian to see if she could find out what kind of animal it was. But the vet couldn’t figure it out either!

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“The one thing she was sure of is that it was a baby girl,” Vos said.

Vos decided to take the baby to a local wildlife rescue center. Thankfully they were able to tell Vos what the little baby was.

” They recognized it as a baby fox,” she explained.

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As it turns out foxes are darker in color when they are kits and kind of look like kittens.

Vos was beyond excited to hear this, as meeting this fox fulfilled a lifelong wish.

“Firstly, because I am really interested in the native wild animals. And because of my surname ‘Vos’, which means ‘fox’ in Dutch. It was my dream to meet a fox in real life,” she said. “So holding this little baby fox in my hands and preventing it from a certain death was a dream that came true!”

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The baby fox was handed over to wildlife experts who would raise her until she was ready to be released into the wild.

“As a volunteer for Cat Shelter, I am committed to help animals in danger or in need, especially the very young kittens,” she said. “In this case, it made me feel good that I was part of the rescue of this baby. Now she has a good chance to get a life in her own habitat. And I hope she will be released into the wild again and have a lot of baby foxes of her own.”

Many people on social media applauded Vos for her efforts.

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Facebook Screenshot Source: Facebook Screenshot

“What a Beautiful story! Thank you for rescuing her. You’re the Hero. So interesting that your surname means FOX in Dutch,” one commenter said.

Many others also cautioned that rescuers should make sure mothers aren’t out hunting when they see a baby all alone. So you might want to take an extra precaution if you see an animal in need of rescue.

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Source: The Dodo