Woman “interviews” animals on a tiny microphone and earns over 27M views
It turns out these wild animals have a lot to "say".
Michael Dabu

It’s not usual to stumble upon an exotic animal, but when it happens, it’s either one of two scenarios.

They’re either fascinating or scary.

Sometimes they’re both.

Pexels - Pixabay
Pexels - Pixabay

Another thing that comes along with the existence of wild and exotic animals is illegal poachers that are relentlessly hunting down these creatures for money.

Thankfully, non-profit groups and organizations are also all over the globe to protect and preserve them.

One Conservation Ambassador is ‘ZooToYou.’

It’s a California-based facility that’s permitted by the USDA and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

They home different types of rescued wild animals that are either confiscated from illegal pet trades, surrendered from pet trades, or permanently injured wildlife.

These animals are “non-releasable”.

So, they’re used as ambassadors for education.

But as wild as these animals are known to be, they also spread good vibes and laughter to millions of people all across the globe.

How? Because of their natural charm, innocence, and how they answer interview questions.

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Yes, you read that right – interview questions are thrown to them by a twitch streamer, falconer, and wildlife rehabilitator named Maya Higa.

“Tiny mic” interviews produce lots of laughs.

Maya is one witty interviewer who knows how to do her job and most importantly, how to properly interact with wild animals.

She’s definitely trained and well-educated with the proper handling of the exotic animals featured in her “tiny mic” interview.

YouTube - Maya
YouTube - Maya

She started off by asking a Prehensile-tailed porcupine named Boris, a simple question.

What’s his favorite food?

The surprised interviewee responded by “saying” corn, that’s if you get what he was actually trying to say just like Maya.

YouTube - Maya
YouTube - Maya

Next was Sydney, a white cockatoo, who showed no interest in answering Maya’s question.

When asked about the best way to start a conversation, the uninterested bird simply tried to chew off the tiny microphone’s foam cover.

Definitely not the best way to start a conversation.

These adorable animals sure know a thing or two about how an interview works.

They seemingly have answers for everything.

YouTube - Maya
YouTube - Maya

ZooToYou even named a tiny tortoise “Godzilla” and that only proves how they treat these rescued animals with so much love and importance.

Maya asked Godzilla what it’s like to be the land’s fastest animal, it’s obvious that Maya was just playing with him.

Godzilla was flattered by the notion.

YouTube - Maya
YouTube - Maya

While most of them loved exposing themselves in front of the camera, there were some who didn’t feel like doing the interview.

Like a hedgehog named Spike.

When asked if he was willing to do an interview, he didn’t bother answering and just curled into a spikey little ball.

There were tons of other animals in there like Pixel (Argentine black and white tegu), Momo (African Crested porcupine), and Bartholomew (a Turkey vulture).

Of cours, we can’t forget Mr. Hopper (Colorado River toad), Freya (Ferruginous hawk), Tootsie Roll (Madagascar hissing cockroach), Rufio (Red ruffed lemur), Kyle (Spiny-tailed lizard/Uromastyx), and Disco (Grey fox).

YouTube - Maya
YouTube - Maya

My best pick, however, goes to a Kookaburra named Giggles because of its sound which is like a burst of laughter.

Turns out, Maya has done animal interviews before and the results were all the same.

The views of her animal interviews peaked at over 27 million and that figure alone shows the number of people who are fond of watching funny animals online.

I think a daily dose of happiness is what most of us need pretty badly.

See these hilarious “tiny mic” interviews and laugh with us in the video below!

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