Woman hears a scream after leaving cat in backyard, goes there to see lookalike clone

July 8th, 2020

Cats often get stereotyped as quiet and lazy, but the reality is they can be even crazier than their canine counterparts.

And this is true for Devi Larsen’s beloved cat, Loki. As an indoor cat, he managed to get himself into quite a lot of outdoor trouble, which Devi shared to Reddit.

The two live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where many cats remain indoors year round because of the cold winter weather. But little grey Loki loves a good adventure, so he always finds a way to escape and roam around the neighbourhood when the weather is nice.

“I didn’t want him to be an outdoor cat, so we compromised and he’s an outdoor cat.”

One day Devi was inside working and heard Loki making quite the commotion outside. She couldn’t get away from the phone at first, but eventually went to check on him.

Cats are generally pretty quiet, so when you hear the guttural meowing and hissing, you know something’s wrong.

“I began to hear screams of pure death coming from my yard.”

She couldn’t believe her eyes when she found her cat’s identical twin, or maybe even his clone, standing next to him.

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Naturally, she snapped a pic.

She needed the proof! She thought maybe she was seeing double. But the two were growling and meowing loudly, staring each other down.

To be fair, they must have been freaked out by the resemblance too! What would you do if you ran into your dopplegänger on the street?

Devi was trying to come up with a way to de-escalate the situation and get her cat to safety, but it was too late.

The two started fighting, but she couldn’t even tell which one was hers in the first place! Now that they were brawling it was just one big fluffy grey blur.

“I finally see the other cat has a black harness so I quickly grab that and go to hold my cat back. Before I can, he launches himself quicker than this jiggly beast has ever moved in his life. He full-on tackles this other cat and they slap together like PB and jelly.”

She tried to pull them apart but got caught in the kerfuffle. Both the imposter and Loki scratched Devi amidst the chaos, but she did eventually get them separated.

She wanted to help the other cat, but he got away.

“He’s so fast that he jumps and is literally sliding down the fence in slow-mo like a cartoon character. I’m trying to catch him but he’s surprisingly fast for a Snorlax.”

She got Loki inside, checked him out and was relived to find he was unscathed. He was clearly the superior twin.

But then, looking at her own wounds, Devi found she wasn’t as lucky. Her hand was covered in scratches, swollen, and was hard to move.

She eventually went to the doctor and got a tetanus shot and antibiotics, just to be safe!

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She and Loki are both perfectly safe now and doing well.

Devi will be keeping an eye out for this mysterious neighbourhood clone of her cat. And maybe keeping a closer eye on Loki, indoors, for the next little while.

We’re happy they’re both okay! Read her entire hilarious recounting of the story on Reddit here.

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