Woman Unknowingly Adopts Childhood Dog From Shelter

December 13th, 2018

For most people, a childhood pet will have a special place in their hearts for the rest of their lives. The relationship between a person and their pet is special, particularly when both are young and growing up together.

This was the case for Nicole Grimes, who had a puppy named Chloe when she was younger. Unfortunate circumstances separated the two for eight years, but they recently reunited and are both ecstatic about their lives together.

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Nicole Grimes Source: Nicole Grimes

When Grimes and Chloe first met, Grimes was just 10 years old and Chloe was still a puppy.

Grimes was an only child when she got Chloe, a Pomeranian-poodle mix. Her grandmother, Jane Cecil, decided that she needed a companion. The two enjoyed spending their time together, as most children do with their pets.

Chloe would give Grimes kisses, and they were best friends.

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Nicole Grimes Source: Nicole Grimes

Their happy time together ended when Grimes was 14.

Her dad, Mark Bush, started working from home, and he was not able to concentrate with Chloe in the house due to her yapping. According to Grimes, her father had warned her that they would have to bring Chloe to a shelter since she was too distracting.

One day, Grimes’ dad picked her up from school with Chloe in the car, and she knew that was the day they would surrender her. The two brought her to the Washington Area Humane Society and had no idea what happened to her after that.

Despite this, Chloe kept a place in Grimes’ mind, especially on the pooch’s birthday, Oct. 26. Grimes frequently wondered what happened to Chloe but had resolved herself to the fact that she would never know.

One time, she even called the humane society, but the staff wasn’t able to tell her anything.

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Nicole Grimes Source: Nicole Grimes

Eventually, Grimes got married and had a kid.

She and her husband knew they needed a dog to make their family complete, with Grimes contributing plenty of enthusiasm. She wanted her newborn daughter to have a relationship like she had had with Chloe as a child.

Grimes and her husband first considered getting a puppy. After all, Chloe had been a puppy when Grimes had gotten her. That changed when Grimes saw a Facebook post about a senior dog in search of a new home.

Grimes thought the dog looked familiar and noticed that it shared a name with her old dog. She thought it was a great coincidence and would be the perfect way for her family to adopt a dog – but she didn’t even consider that it would be the Chloe from her childhood.

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Nicole Grimes Source: Nicole Grimes

When Grimes met Chloe for the “first” time, Chloe was overenthusiastic.

She ran straight to Grimes and started giving her doggy kisses. While Grimes had an uncanny feeling, she still didn’t even hope to believe that this was her childhood pet. Over the course of the first day, however, Chloe started to show off even more traits that reminded Grimes of her childhood pooch.

Chloe also kept hugging Grimes and showing her excitement about “meeting” her. With all the signs there, Grimes began to wonder if her childhood pet had somehow found a way back into her life.

It seemed like wishful thinking that the two would be together again after about eight years apart. According to Grimes, everyone thought she was crazy and that there was no way it could be Chloe.

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Nicole Grimes Source: Nicole Grimes

Then, Grimes’ mom, Michelle Bush, remembered that Chloe had been microchipped when she was a puppy.

Bush contacted their former vet to get the ID number from Chloe’s microchip. Then, they took Chloe to a vet to have her microchip scanned. In a surprise to everyone except Chloe and Grimes, the numbers matched exactly. They had proof that this senior Chloe was the same as the puppy Chloe from years ago.

Grimes was overwhelmed with joy and referred to the experience as “the best feeling.” She thought she would never see her childhood dog again.

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Observer-Report/Celeste Van Kirk Source: Observer-Report/Celeste Van Kirk

Grimes was also able to figure out what Chloe had been up to for the past eight years.

An older couple adopted Chloe soon after she was surrendered. She was happy with her new family for years, but they passed away. Another family adopted her, but they couldn’t keep her. This clearly worked out for the best, as it brought Chloe back into the arms of her first family.

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