Woman adopts disabled dogs that no one wants and gives them a new lease on life
These sprightly pups have special needs - but despite their differences, one woman has made it her mission to give them the life they deserve.
Elijah Chan

In a forested area at Mendon, Vermont, 6 dogs traverse the trail in full spirits.

But what’s so special about dogs being dogs? Dogs love exploring and walking so what’s so special about these six?

Unlike other dogs, these sprightly pups have special needs – but despite their differences, one woman has made it her mission to give them the life they deserve.

Tracey Fowler has been caring for these handicapped dogs.

She’s been sharing her life with them through her Facebook account The Fowler Herd. The dogs she’s taking care of have wheels to assist them in their daily lives much like a wheelchair is to a person.

With these simple devices and a heart full of love, Fowler gave these pups the life that other dogs were living.

Her passion to take care of these specially-abled dogs started with a German shepherd named Hayden.

Hayden got a second lease on life when Fowler got him a cart to help him move around. It turns out her trust and this simple apparatus are everything that he needs to live a full life.

“He was my child. He fought, struggled and he got in the cart, and he taught me so much,” Fowler said. To NBC 5 “He made me a better person, so much of a stronger person, a level-headed person realizing that if you never try, you never know (what will happen).”

Since then, her family grew into a pack.

Tom Turkey is a black Labrador with a neurological disorder. His disability has made it difficult for him to use his front and back legs.

But through Fowler’s support, Turkey has been building his confidence, especially when letting himself get used to his assistive devices.

She was so dedicated to these dogs that she renovated her home.

According to NBC, she renovated her single-level house so all of her dogs, especially those with wheelies, can get around easier and safer.

“I’ve always wanted dogs,” she said to NBC 5. “I’ve never wanted real children. These are my real children because, I don’t know, I’ve just always loved dogs.”

And the life she gave these dogs is truly magical.

You can see them enjoying normal things a dog would like going on walks and hanging out.

There are also videos on their Facebook account showing them trekking together as a pack as if none of them had wheels for legs.

One of their best videos shows the dogs running around in the snow, and instead of wheels, their carts were equipped with skis! How cool is that? They’re definitely living their best lives.

For her efforts, she was recognized by NBC’s Red Cross Everyday Hero.

But for her, what she did was nothing special. She was thankful, however, for the support she got from the handicapped-pets community.

“It’s not much different, it really isn’t,” she said. “These people want to save and protect and make sure these dogs have a good life. It’s a little loud, but that’s what it’s about.”

You can catch more snippets of their lives on their Facebook account The Fowler Herd.

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