Tiny cow who loves to swim climbs up on dad’s jet ski
Ollie loves being near the water.
D.G. Sciortino

Oliver Dale, or “Ollie,” is like a child of their own to Amber and Teddy.

Except that he’s a mini cow.

And like you would a child, Ollie’s parents always take him on special outings. He especially loves boating and going out on a jet ski.

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Ollie is a mini cow or dexter cattle, a smaller type of cattle that originated in Ireland that grows to be between 34-46 inches, according to the American Dexter Cattle Association.

Teddy discovered Ollie’s love of water one day when the family when swimming.

“It was a hot day. Ollie was just standing in the water and all of a sudden Ollie took a leap and started swimming right out to me,” Teddy told The Dodo.

Ollie started swimming around his dog siblings Huck and Chewy and having a ball in the water.

“As soon as I had my hands on him he just stopped swimming,” Teddy said. “He just laid his head over my shoulder and allowed me to hold him. When Ollie’s worn out he will lay his head on your shoulder and fall asleep.”

Ollie absolutely loves being in and around the water. Especially on hot days.

But the reason why Ollie is so active can probably be attributed to his brothers.

Ollie loves to explore and try new things. He pretty much mimics everything they do.

“The dogs always go on the boat every trip. So, it just made sense to take him [Ollie] to the boat dock and see if he would go on it,” Amber said.

Ollie walked right on the boat and was very curious.

He spent a lot of time just walking around the boat and exploring. He also enjoyed looking over the back of the boat to watch the water splash behind them. From then on, Ollie loved boating.

“He likes the wind in his fur,” said Amber. “Going on the boat is his normal life. Ollie just lays back and relaxes and takes it all in. And it’s right where he belongs in life.”

When Ollie isn’t riding in the boat he loves eating. Especially human food. You have to watch your plate around Ollie.

Whatever you’re eating, he wants some.

And he will beg you for some until you get it to him. After Ollie saw his brother Chewy riding around on a dad’s jet ski, he wanted to do the same thing.

After all, Dad is Ollie’s favorite person. Ollie swam out to the jet ski and climbed on.

He sat on one side with his front legs over the seat.

“Ollie acted like it was nothing. Like he was supposed to be on there. He was just calm and relaxed. When it was time to get him off, he just stood there and waited patiently,” Teddy said.

The Dodo - YouTube
The Dodo - YouTube

Though Ollie has grown a bit and might be too big for the jet ski he still loves doing things with his daddy.

And dad loves being with Ollie.

“Ollie is just full of love, life, character,” said Teddy. “If I’m having a rough day, you’lll usually find me going to Ollie. He’s my little hero.”

Learn more about Ollie’s adventures in the video below.

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