Tiny Egg Hatches Right Inside Woman’s Hand

January 14th, 2020

Seeing a new life come into the world is both a beautiful and fascinating experience. Yet, it’s not every day that you get to watch it all take place in the palm of your hand.

One woman witnessed the precious event after realizing a tiny egg was about to hatch. Fortunately for us, she decided to scoop up the egg and capture the next couple of minutes on film.

Since the footage was shared online it’s amazingly been watched tens of millions of times.

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Budgie birds are sweet creatures that live in homes all across the globe. According to The Spruce Pets, they rank just below dogs and cats in popularity.

What makes the budgie a great choice for many is that they’re small, affectionate, inexpensive, and can learn to imitate human speech. There’s no question – they’re pretty darn adorable too.

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Pixabay/Thomas B. Source: Pixabay/Thomas B.

Like countless others, the woman in the video below was the owner of budgie birds. After discovering signs that one of their eggs was in the process of hatching, she set it gently inside her left hand.

Even before the baby bird emerges little chirps can be heard coming from within the shell. The egg has a defined crack in it, and as moments pass, the shell slowly begins to separate.

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It’s apparent that there’s a tiny pink bird inside of the egg, trying to push itself out. Little by little, it makes progress and finally becomes more visible to the eye.

According to the owner of the chirping baby budgie, his name was Charlie! Turns out, the newborn’s parents were actually just in the other room during the hatching process.

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Watching a little creature struggle to get out of his shell is an incredible sight, as it’s an up-close look into the beauty of nature.

Eventually, the budgie has the egg fully open and you can see just how cute he is. Can you imagine having such a touching moment happen in the palm of your hand?

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

Once Charlie was fully hatched he was then set in a nest box where his mother cared for him.

The pet owner, YouTube user kfyrsting, shared the following in the video’s description:

“A cute little budgie hatching in my hand. It was a little boy and he was named Charlie. I knew he was about to hatch, so I gently placed the egg in my hand, and placing my hand on top of my bed, so he wouldn’t be hurt if he fell out of my hand. But he didn’t. Meanwhile his parents were in their cage in another room, and they took good care of him when he was hatched. I placed him in the nestbox right away after filming this, where he was fed and kept warm by his mother :-)”

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Pixabay/Milesl Source: Pixabay/Milesl

People online have fallen in love with this video, and it’s been watched more than 98 million. Even to this day, it has viewers leaving comments about all the “cuteness.”

One person wrote:

“Awwww it’s little tiny winngggssss I’m crying it’s so cute”

Another commented:

“OMG I couldn’t stop watching”

Not all of us have been lucky enough to witness the hatching of a baby bird in person. But thanks to the internet, we can at least get a good peek from the sidelines! Press play below to see the amazing footage for yourself.

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Source: kfyrsting, The Spruce Pets