Boy has sweetest reaction when he’s reunited with his cat after 7 months

May 20th, 2020

The bonds we build with our pets is unlike any other. And they’re especially important for kids who are lucky enough to grow up with an animal companion.

When this boy and his family moved houses, they somehow lost their beloved cat in the mix.

Moving can be overwhelming for anybody, and the cat probably got scared or confused and ran off when the family was busy moving furniture.

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So for seven long months, this boy was devastated. He was so worried about where the cat might be and what had happened to him.

And as time went on, hope that the cat would come back was dwindling.

But luckily, the cat had been micro-chipped! So when the cat was brought to a vet’s office, they were able to trace back to find his owners.

His parents wanted to make sure it was their cat before getting their son’s hopes up, and decided to turn the good news into a surprise.

The boy’s mom recorded a video of his reaction and it’s so heartwarming it may just bring tears to your eyes.

He’s just getting home from school and walks through the house to find his mom. When he comes around the corner to see her, he can’t believe his eyes.

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She’s holding their lost cat!

He immediately drops his backpack and brings his hands together. He takes a second to process it… could it really be? And then bursts into tears.

Of course his instinct is to go running for his little fur ball, and he heads towards the camera with his arms outstretched to hold him.

He has totally broken down, just silently weeping with joy while holding his long lost best friend.

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The sweet little cat can tell how upset the boy is, and gives him a little kiss on the face as if to say, it’s going to be okay!

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The cat seems happy to be back at home with his family and is enjoying the cuddles.

But he is a cat. And we all know how cats can be very particular about how they choose to be affectionate.

After a few moments of cozying up to the boy, he decides that’s enough and tries to slowly get out of the embrace.

But of course, this kid is still marvelling at the fact that his lost cat came home to him, and isn’t quite ready to let go of him just yet.

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If I were that kid I’d never let the cat out of my sight or arms again! No matter how hard he tried. Sometimes cats just need to be cuddled even when they don’t think they do.

Shhhhh. Just trust us little kitties. Relax.

The family will never know exactly where the cat went and what he was up to for seven months, but they’re just happy that he found his way back to them.

The way this young boy reacted to having his pet back home safe again is so beautiful, and really shows just how important the cat is to him!

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You can tell he’s a good kid with a good heart.

And that cat is surely going to get a lot of pampering for the next little while!

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