Surfing dog loves to catch some wicked waves

August 7th, 2020

We all have our own special talents! Our hobbies and loves are part of what makes us all unique and special. Did you know that dogs can have hobbies, too? One dog doesn’t just love the beach, he loves to catch waves!

Surfing has been around for a very long time.

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While we don’t know the exact beginnings of surfing, it was first seen by Europeans in 1767. The ancient Polynesian cultures are believed to have invented it and some people think that they decided on who would be chief by who could surf the best. Talk about a surfing competition!

While humans may have invented it, dogs seem to have picked it up!

Dogs LOVE having a job to do. Whether that’s protecting cattle or helping in a hunt, many breeds get bored and anxious when they don’t have a challenge on a regular basis. For one dog, that challenge is surfing!

Charlie is a Lab that has been going to the beach since he was a puppy.

The whole thing started with a camping trip that the family took to the beach. They thought it would be fun to push around the pup while he sat on the surfboard. After a while, Charlie caught on to what he was supposed to do and absolutely loved it!

The next summer they took Charlie to a dog surfing competition.

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Charlie’s human mom signed him up for three different competitions that summer. Charlie had never even been to one before but the whole family was excited. They made the finals twice! The fun-loving lab has no idea that he is even in a competition most of the time. He just loves the energy of the crowd.

He loves to show off!

The more people are watching, the more Charlie shows off! When he is riding a wave, he will often do spins and will never go perfectly straight. He just really loves to have fun.

“He has the soul of a pro surfer!”

When Charlie is at home, he is just like a regular pup.

When the pro-surfing pup isn’t at the beach, he is doing things that most dogs do! He sleeps, plays with his toys, then sleeps some more. He loves to play and a good time. It’s when they get to the beach that he flips the switch.

When he is at the beach he is a different dog.

Whether it’s bringing the board into the water himself or wanting to play with the other surfers, he is always having the most fun out of anyone on the beach. Even more than that, Charlie brings the whole family together to spend time playing. Surfing used to be a solo thing for his human dad, but now, it is a family affair.

His joy brings joy to everyone else.

The massive amounts of fun and joy that Charlie has when on the beach surfing can’t help but rub off onto others. You can’t be around a surfing lab who loves to play without being happy!

Check out the awesome video below to see Charlie hang-10!

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Surfing Dog Drags His Board Into The Ocean By Himself

Watch him spin while riding the waves 🐶🏄🏼‍♂️

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