Stray dog keeps escaping shelter to visit residents at nursing home, so staff do him one better
After his third escape, the staff at Meadow Brook had a lightbulb moment.
Jenny Brown

A Four-Legged Resident Named Scout

Have you ever heard of a dog so determined to find a home that he’d escape an animal shelter multiple times?

Well, meet Scout! If you ever visit the Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility in Michigan, you might just bump into him.

This once-stray dog has made the care facility his forever home, and here’s the amazing story of how it happened.

YouTube Screenshot - CBS Chicago
YouTube Screenshot - CBS Chicago

Scout’s Great Escape

Scout wasn’t just any ordinary dog. He had a mission. He managed to break free from the Antrim County Animal Shelter not once, not twice, but three times!

Imagine this: he climbed a 10-foot chain-link fence, jumped over another 6-foot solid fence, and even bravely crossed a busy highway.

And where did he end up?

Right at the Meadow Brook facility’s front door, he makes himself cozy on a couch.

Third Time’s the Charm

After his third escape, the staff at Meadow Brook had a lightbulb moment.

Marna Robertson, the Meadow Brook Administrator, said to the Detroit Free Press:

“He did that one time, two times, three times, and obviously that’s something that you should pay attention to. And I asked the staff, ‘Well, he wants to be here. Would anybody like to have a dog?’”

And just like that, Scout found his forever home.

Scout’s Special Bond

Since 2017, Scout has been the heart and soul of Meadow Brook.

The residents adore him, and the feeling is mutual.

He often strolls down the hallways, visiting residents and, of course, looking for treats.

And guess what? He’s even learned how to open their doors!

More Than Just a Dog

But Scout isn’t just any dog.

He has a special gift.

He’s protective of the residents and can sense if someone is unwell or nearing the end of their journey.

In those moments, he stays by their side, offering comfort and love.

A Mysterious Past

While Scout’s past is a bit of a mystery, the Antrim County Animal Shelter believes he might have had a rough start.

Signs point to him possibly coming from an abusive home.

The shelter even found BB pellets in his jowl.

But despite his past, Scout’s gentle nature shines through, and he’s found where he truly belongs.

YouTube Screenshot - CBS Chicago
YouTube Screenshot - CBS Chicago

Why Meadow Brook?

No one really knows why Scout chose Meadow Brook as his home.

But one thing’s for sure: the staff and residents are over the moon that he did.

As they say, “he brings love and he brings normalcy.”

A Special Connection

Robertson beautifully sums up Scout’s connection with the residents:

“He certainly has a penchant for the elders. He’s very in tune with what they need, especially our very vulnerable population. If they have dementia or if they’re dying he knows that, and he will go and be with them and comfort them. He must’ve just felt like he needed to be here.”

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