Injured stray reunites with her 5 kittens but staff realize something wrong when mama still not at ease

July 6th, 2020

Stray animals often get caught in fights with other strays, and many of them end up badly wounded; in fact, some don’t even make it unless there is a Good Samaritan nearby to properly care for them.

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Toodles is a 2-year-old cat that used to live in a mobile home community in Maryland. One day, she got caught in a fight with a dog and she ended up seriously injured, in dire need of help.

Fortunately, Mindy Brocato, who lives in the same community, happened to witness the incident and decided to help. She didn’t hesitate to jump in and save the kitty, as she is used to caring for stray animals, being a staffer at an animal shelter.

Immediately, Brocato took the little cat to the shelter where she works so that the cat’s wounds could be properly treated.

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When Toodles arrived at the Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control, the vets could tell that she was a new mom. She was clearly lactating and she was in distress as she missed her kittens. But still, their number one priority was to make sure she would fully recover from her injuries.

When Toodles was finally safe, the shelter staff started looking for her family. The kittens couldn’t have gone far from where their mama left them, and they were probably waiting for her to come back.

Indeed, a little while later, the search team found five kittens underneath the mobile home Toodles was spotted in the first place. They were tiny and obviously needed their mother.

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The 2-week-old babies were taken to the shelter to be reunited with their mom. When an employee put one of the kittens on Toodles’ bed, she sniffed it right away and meowed with joy. The staff immediately knew they were indeed her kittens she had been looking for.

They placed the five kittens by their mama and they all started nursing. This looked like a happy ending, but still, Toodles didn’t seem fully at ease- something was bothering her.

On that same day, the family of six was taken to a foster home so that they could receive more personalized care. Although everyone was happy with how well all the cats were doing, there was still something that didn’t feel right. As if there was a missing piece in this puzzle that they hadn’t found yet.

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Indeed, when someone went back to the mobile home where the kittens were discovered, they found one more kitten in the insulation of that same mobile home. It was Toodles’ sixth kitten, which they named Percy.

The tiny baby was taken to her mama and siblings right away. When she was placed next to her mama, she “dived right in for a meal”, as their foster said. As for Toodles? “She seems “much more relaxed now that this NEW baby arrived,” according to the foster.

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The seven cats will soon be spayed and neutered and then they will be ready to be given out to adoptive families. In fact, Toodles and Percy will be going to the same forever home. As the shelter explains, this is really special because mama cats are usually more difficult to adopt.

We are sure that soon enough all of them will have found their new loving families.

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Source: Facebook, The Dodo