Stray cat introduces her babies to woman who gave her food and helped her

November 19th, 2020

It’s much harder to be friends with cats than dogs. You have to gain their trust while dogs will adapt to you.

Lisianne was out in her yard somewhere in Quebec, Canada when she saw something strange.

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She went out to see what it was. To her surprise, it was an adorable fluffy black cat. It’s one of the strays that live near her house.

Thinking that the cat was hungry, she decided to put out a bowl for it.

She gave the animal food and water and called her Usagi. Eventually, it became a routine for them.

The two were able to form a strong bond.

Each day, the woman would set out food for the cat. And each day, Usagi started trusting her more and more.

One day, Lisianne noticed something different about the cat.

Her belly started growing. Because it has gotten bigger than usual, she figured out that it wasn’t because of the food she was giving her.

Usagi was pregnant!

Her growing belly didn’t stop her from visiting her new friend. In fact, even after giving birth, she came back to eat every day.

After a few weeks, Usagi came to Lisianne’s porch.

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However, instead of coming alone, she came with 6-week-old kittens that look a lot like her. She brought them to meet the woman who’s been feeding her the last couple of weeks.

Knowing that the mom and her babies needed help, Lisianne acted quickly.

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She coaxed them into her house. After that, she called a rescue group. The Chatons Orphelins Montréal came to help and the rescue workers went to work right away.

They examined the cat and her kittens and found out that they were experiencing serious problems.

The kittens had difficulty breathing. They were suffering from conjunctivitis, too.

Fortunately, they were able to treat the poor kittens.

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Their health improved quickly. At the same time, they became more comfortable around humans, too.

The Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared:

“The babies were reserved, they needed socialization. They started trusting and coming out of their shell. The little ones love having fun together.”

Usagi asked for help at the right time.

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If she came later to see Lisianne, it would have been too late for her kittens. Thankfully, she went to see her friend at the right time. One of the kittens went to Lisianne’s friend. Meanwhile, the remaining ones are still waiting for their forever families.

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