Sweet squirrel rescued from hurricane can't sleep without cuddling her teddy bear
Well, if this isn't the cutest darned thing you've ever seen!
Michael Dabu

Do you also have that one routine you can’t miss before going to bed like gulping your favorite drink, taking a warm shower, or putting some skin care product on your face? Or perhaps, a particular thing that you require to be beside you before you sleep like your favorite blanket, mosquito net, or pillow?

Pexels - RODNAE Productions
Pexels - RODNAE Productions

Although most of these bedtime habits only exist during childhood, it’s no surprise that some of us still carry them even after we finally turned into full-grown adults.

But if you think that only humans have such bedtime habits, you are terribly mistaken.

Other furry creatures also experience such, just like the little squirrel featured in this story.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jill the squirrel.

Brace yourselves because she is not just an ordinary squirrel, this one right here is an internet sensation! Some of you might not believe this but Jill has a huge following on her Instagram account, she has a whopping 694K followers on that social media platform alone.

According to her Instagram bio, Jill is a “Vegetarian, parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum. But loves every Starbucks napkin she meets.”

Although she’s enjoying all the fame and attention from a lot of people online, just like any other fairy tale, Jill also had a rough start in life. This famous munchkin was rescued from Hurricane Isaac which devastated Louisiana back in August 2012.

According to reports, she fell out of her nest during the said storm. Luckily, Good Samaritans found her alive and decided to take her in.

The initial plan was just to temporarily keep Jill, however, she ended up becoming a new member of the family.

Living with humans isn’t the only unique thing about Jill.

Apart from having humans as her parents, there’s one more thing about this squirrel that you’d probably love and relate to. Whenever it’s bedtime, this little hopper wouldn’t be at ease without her miniature teddy bear to cuddle with before saying night-night.

Believe it or not, Jill is well-trained by her humans – she knows where to go during potty time, she also loves dressing up, and knows how to strike an adorable pose in front of the camera.

Her Instagram account is filled with photos and videos of her daily routine as well as important occasions of her life. They’re making sure her followers all around the world are updated with the things going on with the famous squirrel’s life.

It’s probably one of the reasons why she’s loved by many, she is giving everyone a daily dose of good vibes.

She’s been an internet darling since 2015 and it doesn’t look like she’s yet to vacate her throne.

Based on her social media account, Jill just turned 10 last October, and by the looks of it, she still got everyone wanting more of her.

Her family loves her so much, they celebrate her birthday each year, they also make her customized dresses that are perfectly tailored for her little body, and just like any other home pet, she gets the privilege to enjoy yummy snacks on a regular basis.

Apart from those, she also travels and loves going to the beach. “Jill has come with me on vacation ever since I began caring for her — before she was even a year old. She is a pro at long drives,” her owner says.

There’s literally nothing this lucky squirrel could ask for.

See more from this cutie by watching the video below.

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