Shy Cat Watches As 92 Cats Are Adopted Before Her

June 28th, 2018

In February 2017, two adult cats and three kittens were abandoned outside a veterinarian’s office in England. The cats were taken to the RSPCA’s Stapeley Grange Cattery, where they were put up for adoption.

One of the adult cats, Topaz, was adopted quickly. The three kittens also quickly found forever homes. But the other adult cat, Pearl, kept getting passed over.

Quiet, shy Pearl sat in her kennel, waiting for someone to notice her. The three-year-old cat was terrified of people, and she wouldn’t let anyone touch her.

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Chiltern Branch RSPCA Source: Chiltern Branch RSPCA

The staff at the RSPCA worked with Pearl, and they helped her become more social. They hoped this would help her find her forever home, but to their surprise, Pearl kept getting passed over.

“Pearl has clearly been affected by what happened to her, but she has grown so much in confidence since February,” Lee Stewart, manager of the cattery, said in a press release. “Pearl may never be that cat that constantly wants attention but she will still be able to give a lot of love to someone.”

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Pearl sat in the shelter for 200 days, waiting for someone to notice her. In that time, 92 cats were adopted before Pearl.

“It is really difficult to say why she is still with us, as she is a lovely cat who has already been through so much,” Stewart said. “She has been with us the longest out of all our cats and we are desperate to find her a home.”

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After the RSPCA put out a press release about Pearl, news agencies around the world picked up her story.

Soon, Pearl started getting the attention she deserved. Many people went to the RSPCA to see Pearl, and lots of people fell in love with the sweet, shy cat. People from as far away as the Philippines and the US offered to adopt Pearl.

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After going through all the applications, the RSPCA found the perfect home for Pearl. She went to live with a family in Nantwich, England, and she quickly settled into life there.

“Pearl is settling in really well. She is starting to explore her space and is playing, eating, and sleeping like a trooper,” Sharon Coleclough, Pearl’s new mom, wrote on Facebook. “She is a very individual cat and I’m sure that the more settled she gets the more that quirkiness will shine through.”

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The RSPCA is so happy that Pearl found such a great home. They said:

“We are so pleased that she has been rehomed with the Coleclough family as, on paper, they were the perfect family for her. I am sure she will have many happy years with her new family.”

Pearl had a tough time while she was in the shelter, but thankfully, she has now found a great forever home, one where she’ll be happy for years to come. We’re so glad this cat found her purr-fect forever home!

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h/t: The Dodo