Shelter dogs get a boost from talented dog groomer and their “new hairdos” are adorable
He’s like the Edward Scissorhands of dog grooming and he’s dedicating his talents to a good cause. 💗
Jessica Adler

In the realm of dog grooming, Gabriel Feitosa is a true artist.

With a flair for blending vibrant hues and crafting delightful character-themed styles, he has revolutionized how we perceive pet makeovers.

His passion isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s deeply rooted in a mission to make a difference.

YouTube - CBS 8 San Diego
YouTube - CBS 8 San Diego

Gabriel’s rise to fame was meteoric.

Just two years ago, his unique grooming style took the internet by storm.

When asked about the reach of his work, he humbly mentioned a staggering 5 billion impressions in the past year alone.

That’s a lot of love for some colorful canines.

But with fame comes its fair share of critics.

Gabriel’s poodle, Adaya, might sport a lion-esque look, but it’s the online critics who are truly roaring.

The divide is clear: people either adore his work or vehemently oppose it.

But Gabriel, ever the professional, has even gone to the extent of tasting the non-toxic vegan dye he uses, just to prove its harmlessness.

YouTube - CBS 8 San Diego
YouTube - CBS 8 San Diego

Gabriel’s journey is rooted in resilience.

Growing up in Brazil’s impoverished regions, it was his profound love for dogs that provided a ray of hope.

This love isn’t just limited to his professional life; it’s deeply personal and has shaped his worldview.

YouTube - CBS 8 San Diego
YouTube - CBS 8 San Diego

His commitment to canines goes beyond just giving them a fresh look.

Gabriel generously volunteers his time, expertise, and even his team to assist shelter dogs, especially those overlooked for adoption.

Gabriel Feitosa is known all over the world for his “cascades of color” and the adorable character-themed look he gives to his clients.

YouTube - CBS 8 San Diego
YouTube - CBS 8 San Diego

The San Diego Humane Society, represented by Nina Thompson, is all praises for Gabriel.

His dedication is evident as he offers his premium services, which usually range between $500 to $1300, absolutely free for these shelter dogs.

While some online critics express concerns about the time a dog might spend being groomed, the Humane Society ensures that the dogs’ safety and comfort are paramount.

Witnessing Gabriel and his team in action is a treat.

The dogs, contrary to some beliefs, genuinely seem to enjoy the added attention and the extended grooming session.

Gabriel emphasizes that these makeovers only add about 40 minutes to the usual grooming process.

Gabriel’s message is clear and heartfelt.

If you’re considering getting a dog, why not visit the San Diego Humane Society?

Perhaps you could give a previously overlooked pet a second chance, much like how dogs offered Gabriel solace during his challenging childhood.

YouTube - CBS 8 San Diego
YouTube - CBS 8 San Diego

In the end, it’s not just about the colors or the makeovers; it’s about the love, dedication, and the belief that every dog deserves a chance at happiness.

Gabriel’s work is a testament to this belief, and his journey is a beautiful reminder of the incredible bond between humans and their furry companions.

Learn more about Gabriel’s benevolent but unorthodox grooming in the video below!

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