Senior horse that doesn’t interact with female horses changes upon sight of new lady horse addition
Big John is a very picky horse so when Stardust was brought on the farm everyone was shocked by his reaction towards her.
Megan Bennett

Rescuing animals is a wonderful and worthwhile occupation, but it isn’t just dogs and cats that need the help.

Horses often need rescuing after they reach a certain age and are deemed too old to work.

Youtube - The Dodo
Youtube - The Dodo

That is what happened to Big John, a huge workhorse that was getting on in years.

He was rescued by the “Colby’s Crew Rescue” team from Albemarle County in Virginia.

He lives the good life there with tons of love from both his rescuers and the other animals, his best friend on the farm being a miniature donkey named Cotton.

Youtube - The Dodo
Youtube - The Dodo

Big John is pampered beyond belief with 2 beers a day, vets orders, and his own massage gun.

He has fields to run in and all the hay he can eat and plenty of company from the rest of the crew.

That being said, there seemed to be something missing from Big John’s life and the team was determined to fix it.

Youtube - The Dodo
Youtube - The Dodo

Though Big John had plenty of other horses to play with, he never seemed very interested in them and preferred to spend his time with Cotton.

The team thought that perhaps he was a little lonely and they wanted to see if they could find him a girlfriend to grow old with.

He was paired up with multiple different female horses but never seemed to care much for them, or really show any interest at all.

That is until Stardust showed up.

She was another older rescue and the team immediately loved her and thought she’s make a good match for Big John.

And boy were they right!

Youtube - The Dodo
Youtube - The Dodo

From the first minute he saw her, Big John was enamored.

He ran up right away to meet her and couldn’t wait until they could spend some quality time together.

The crew kept the 2 separated for a few days just to make sure everything was ok and when they finally met Big John was elated.

The pair have been together for a few months now and it’s like they’ve been together forever.

They share meals and a paddock together, and one of Big John’s favorite things is to rest his head on Stardust’s back.

He still likes to run around with Cotton, but he always comes back to his lady at the end of the day.

The rescue team compares them to an old married couple and believes they were meant to be together.

Though they may have only found each other later in the life, the two are surely grateful to the people who rescued them and brought them together.

They can now live out the rest of their lives surrounded by people who love and care for them, and a mate who enjoys their company.

Check out the Colby’s Crew Rescue team website for updates about the pair and how to donate to ensure they can be well taken care of.

Meet the beautiful couple in the video linked below.

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