Saddest dog wears a festive sweater in the hopes of finding a home for Christmas

January 15th, 2021

Christmas is a time for happy endings. For one pup, Christmas was maybe his last chance at finding a forever home and someone to care for him. He is currently being touted as “the saddest looking dog in the shelter,” and when you see him, your heart might break!

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Dog lovers across the world are claiming this Christmas clad pup is the saddest thing they have ever seen.

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Not too long ago, Bobby the dog didn’t have much to live for. He is a mixed breed pup and had recently come upon hard times. Strangely, his family had abandoned him. To make matters worse, it was right before the Christmas season, and he was going to have to spend it in the shelter.

The staff was confused as to why a family would abandon such a loving and sweet dog.

Every interaction that the shelter staff had with Bobby just reinforced the strangeness of the situation. Bobby truly was the sweetest dog ever! He loved to be around people and didn’t have any issues.

With Christmas approaching, the shelter wanted to do their best to have Bobby find a new home.

The staff put pictures of Bobby all over the internet, hoping to inspire people to take him home. Unfortunately, most people weren’t looking for a rescue dog around Christmas. Their efforts didn’t result in a home for little Bobby.

Then, one of the staff members had a moment of clarity.

It was Christmas! Why not use that to their advantage? Christmas is a time of hope and emotion, so why not combine some of that to help Bobby get rescued? People are always open to a hopeful Christmas story.

Putting Bobby in a Christmas sweater and writing one last Instagram post, they decided to shoot their shot.

The shelter staff was going to use every advantage in their power to help Bobby get adopted. Throwing him in a CUTE green sweater and posting an emotional caption,

“This is BOBBY in his Christmas Sweater. Who would ever give up this perfect angel?!”

… they hoped to find someone to love Bobby.

Bobby played his part well.

Bobby truly did look like the saddest dog in history. His poor face was downcast, and he looked like nobody had ever petted him before. Before long, their post was blowing up.

With hundreds of comments and thousands of people sharing it, word of Bobby was spreading fast.

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The internet can occasionally be used for good. This was one of those moments. People were finally seeing Bobby and the more people saw it, the higher chance of him getting adopted. Finally, after all the attention, Bobby caught someone’s attention!

He was adopted!

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Bobby got a brand new mom who came to pick him up not too long after. The event was such a public event that CBS came out and covered it! Bobby’s new mom was seen sitting and petting him on the floor, ready to head out and begin their new life together. Their next stop? The vet!

Check out the video below!

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