Robert Irwin Shares Hilarious Photos Of His Self Isolation Buddy

April 7th, 2020

With coronavirus still affecting hundreds of thousands, it seems that the majority of the world is in lockdown in a bid to reduce strain in the hospitals and hopefully put a stop to the virus for good.

During this time of social isolation, it is normal for many people to feel sad, angry, and for many who live by themselves, lonely.

However, it seems that Steve Irwin’s son, Robert, has the perfect answer for this. A self-isolation buddy!

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Steve Irwin was an Australian zookeeper, television personality, wildlife expert, environmentalist, and conservationist.

He really was a natural at handling all animals, so it only seems right that his son Robert would follow in his footsteps and become an animal-lover himself!

Robert is now a world-famous wildlife photographer and shares his amazing shots over on his Instagram account.

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The Australia Zoo is Steve’s legacy, and the animals are the pride and joy of the whole Irwin family.

During these times of the virus, many zookeepers have had no choice but to isolate with the animals so that they can look after them, and this was something that Robert and the rest of the family were only too willing to do.

Though, to be honest, it can’t be that hard of a decision when you actually live at the zoo in the first place, and this adorable picture shared by Robert on his Twitter account has us wishing that we were isolated at a zoo as well!

In the selfie taken by Robert, it’s pretty clear that this photo-savvy tortoise is also posing for the camera! What a photogenic little guy.

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When you’re isolated in a zoo, tortoises are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the animals you have to care for.

Robert’s mum Teri posted this hilarious picture of Rob sharing a solitary meal with a chicken, captioned, ‘Even during self-isolation, you don’t have to eat lunch at home!’

It’s so sweet to see that the Irwin family is staying positive and making jokes through this difficult time of self-isolation.

As if we weren’t already jealous enough, Robert has since shared further self-isolation photos of him hanging out with the animals.

In a cute snap posted to his Instagram, the wildlife photographer poses alongside some adorable looking wallabies, captioned:

‘More of my Australia Zoo self isolation buddies!
Mornings with the mob are the best😊’

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Instagram Source: Instagram

One of the wallabies is even giving him a lovely big smooch on the lips. Oh, what we’d give to trade places with Robert right now!

Even though we’re all at home right now, Robert’s isolation photos are enough to brighten everyone’s day, and we hope that he continues to share these with the world!

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Source: Robert Irwin Photography, Wikipedia, Terri Irwin