15 Popular Restaurants With Dog-Friendly Menu Items

April 14th, 2018

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go out for a nosh and bring fido along with you? Most food establishments shun dogs, but there are some that actually cater to them.

While some don’t announce or widely promote it, there are some places that will mix up something just for your pup.

These are popular restaurants that have secret menu items just for dogs. Just make sure you check with your veterinarian before you let your pup indulge to make sure they aren’t allergic or anything like that.

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Here are 15 popular restaurants with menu items for your dog:

1) Starbucks

Your dog can indulge in Starbucks too. They have something on their menu called a Puppuccino. It’s a cup filled with whip cream.

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2) Moss Beach Distillery

This California restaurant has a full menu for dogs. It goes from actual dog food to pricer human food. Fido can enjoy some kibble, a hot dog, or a $16 skirt steak.

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3) Tim Hortons

This place is a coffee chain in Canada. They offer a sugar-free dog version of their “Timbits” bite-sized doughnuts. They only allow one per dog.

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4) Dairy Queen

This national ice cream chain offers a “Pup Cup.” It’s a cup of vanilla soft serve. It gets topped with a dog treat.

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5) In ‘N’ Out

This burger joint offers something called a “pup patty.” It’s a plain hamburger sans salt. It gets put in its own doggy bag (get it).

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6) Sprinkles

Humans are known to go crazy over these cupcakes. But now your dog can too. They make special cupcakes for dogs that are sugar-free and have yogurt frosting.

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7) Sonic Drive-In

Stopping by Sonic Drive-In? Don’t forget to order something for your dog. They offer dog treats so your dog doesn’t get jealous while you’re chowing down.

8) Shake Shack

Ask for a Pooch-ini at Shake Shack. It’s a dessert with peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard. Will your dog enjoy that or what?!?

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9) Chik-Fil-A

This restaurant also loves dogs. They give our doggie treats. All you have to do is ask.

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10) Johnny Rockets

If you’re eating outside on the patio, so can your dog. Some of their chains offer specific menu items, including the Lickety Split Ice Cream or Pupcakes. You can also ask for a cut up burger patty with some water,

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11) Lazy Dog Cafe

I mean how could they not have items for dogs with a name like that. They encourage dog owners to congregate on their patios. Its where dogs can enjoy cut up beef and rice.

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12) Tin Shed Garde Café

This joint is located in Portland, Oregon. They have specific menu items for dogs. They even have “Doggie Love Night” on Tuesdays where anyone who buys an items gets a free item for their dog.

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13) Rocks and Brews

This place has a dog-friendly patio. They also have a dog menu. They are more than happy to bring your pup a bowl of water

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14) Culver’s

Culver’s has delicious frozen custard. If you ask, they’ll make one for your dog and top it with a milk bone. You can also just ask for a milk bone at the drive-thru if your dog doesn’t like ice cream.

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15) Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream and Yogurt

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They make ice cream for humans and dogs. Ask for a “Frosty Paws.” It’s ice cream made with soy. It’s only available at their Rondono Beach location but their other locations have “Dogsters” a vet-approved dog treat in peanut butter or mint.

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