Puppy runs away from home then returns same day with 3rd place ribbon from dog show
She wanted to prove to her family that she's a winner! 😂
Cherie Gozon

We dread the day we can no longer find our pets in our homes. Either we lost them because they ran away, or they were stolen from us.

Unsplash - Michael Jin
Unsplash - Michael Jin

It could bring us so many sleepless nights trying to find them, and we will do anything to do everything just to have them back. We will call the police, shelters, and other organizations; we try all possible means to have people help look for them.

But this family in West Sussex were lucky enough that their lost beagle-cross was returned home safe… and even had a little bit of surprise for them.

Finding Bonnie

Peter and Paula Crosier found Bonnie as a stray in the streets of Crete. They decided to adopt her and bring her home with them. They provided everything for her since – a warm home with yummy food, plus some snuggles from her hoomans.

They kept her safe as much as possible, so imagine the horror they felt when they found out she was lost.

Looking for Bonnie

The couple told The Argus it was feeding time when they lost Bonnie. She fed her and their other dog Cleo, but Bonnie stepped away from her bowl. It seemed like she wasn’t interested in it. They didn’t mind that at first and thought she was searching the house for something else.

Peter walked back to the kitchen, and fear set in when he saw the gate open and slightly swinging. He knew right then that Bonnie had gone out of their house.

He and Paula immediately called the police, local vets and shelters, and even their neighbors. They also drove around, hoping they would chance upon her. They were about to give up hope when Paula saw a Facebook post with Bonnie in it.

Stray again

John Wilmer was on his way to Surrey to bring his two dogs to a dog show in the rescue dog class. He saw Bonnie walking in the street while they were on their way. He asked the people around, even took a photo, and posted it on Facebook.

Unsplash - Sippakorn Yamkasikorn
Unsplash - Sippakorn Yamkasikorn

He was in a hurry to catch the show, so he took Bonnie to the show with him. But something brilliant went into John’s mind. He thought of joining Bonnie in the show, where she surprisingly won third place!

Unsplash - Sebastian Coman Travel
Unsplash - Sebastian Coman Travel

John immediately reached out to Peter and Paula and drove to West Sussex to bring Bonnie home.

Surprise for mom and dad

“When she was missing, I had five different outcomes in my head, the best being that she came back. This was even better than that; she came back with a rosette,” Peter told BBC about the sweet surprise Bonnie took home with her.

They were relieved and amazed how she accidentally entered that show and came out a winner. Paula said they never brought her to a show; only Cleo, who had previously won three rosettes. We bet this time they’ll rethink letting Bonnie join.

John said he decided to let Bonnie join because she was such a beautiful, well-mannered dog. He knew she was cut out for the competition. His instincts were never wrong because look at this beauty who won without prior experience. We’re speechless. Good job, Bonnie!

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By Cherie Gozon
Cherie Gozon is a contributor at SBLY Media.