Woman saves bizarre looking pregnant stray cat with 24 toes off the street

August 11th, 2020

Give Me A High 6?

The biggest rewards we can obtain can often arrive in an unexpected ways. That’s what happened to one lucky cat adopter who happened to be walking around the neighborhood when suddenly they spotted a small kitty prancing around curiously.

After a series of quick rescues from fighting neighborhood cats, the poster named, “beesknees2121” decided to go ahead and shelter this street cat. She had been attracted to Beeskness2121 yard that coincidentally also had a domesticated cat with her own batch of food.

Upon further inspection of the new kitten, Beesknees2121 noticed something incredibly strange about his kitty. It had 6 toes on one paw, but that’s not all. It had 6 toes on ever paw to total a grand sum of 24 toes altogether!

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Reddit-Beesknees2121 Source: Reddit-Beesknees2121

The reddit user stated that she saw the kitty and noticed she was pregnant too. Immediately she felt the need to do the right thing and rescue her from the perils of the streets. “A pregnant stray cat with 24 toes who has decided I am her hooman now,” said the Beesknees2121.

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Jon Brinn Source: Jon Brinn

She followed up by mentioning, “Honestly not a whole lot of back story she just was roaming around the area one day she liked the neighbor’s yard but they only semi tolerated her. She just started gravitating towards my house out of curiosity I guess and she was so cute of course I tried to love her and she just took to me pretty quickly and I have a cat so I had food already and I couldn’t let her be hungry lol. So of course she loved me after that but there were a couple times I think I saved her from other stray cats because I heard fighting and I called her (ill do pspsps or call her mama) and she came running and seemed happy to see me. Since then she’s been coming around a lot more too.”

Mittens For Kittens

The rare genetic mutation that has caused this variation in the number of toes is called polydactyly. This can occur mainly on the front paws, but can also affect the hind paws in certain cases.

Benefits towards having more toes are that it allows the kitty to grip surfaces better, it allows for better balance, and can also act as a good defense mechanism for protection.

Negatives of polydactyly cats include a difficult time in trimming nails, and having a tough time preserving your furniture from claw scratching.

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Trish Hamme Source: Trish Hamme

It seems that this is has been quite an adventure! Beesknees2121 has received many comments and support from the Reddit community in response to the rescue.

Many have commented on the size of the kitten’s paws and have even suggested different uses for them like mitts for the snow or even for a friendly game of ping pong! Regardless of what funny joke to come up with, it’s easy to tell that the kitty is safe now in a new home where she will be loved and cared for some time. We can be sure her extra toes will get all the attention they can grab.

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Reddit-Beesknees2121 Source: Reddit-Beesknees2121

The Reddit user has plans to wait until the kitty gives birth and then will make plans to rehome her and her baby kittens. We’re glad both parties have come into contact with each other and that the kitty was able to give birth safely.

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