Officer shares difficult photo of K9 partner that goes out a true hero
Axel and Officer Decristoforo couldn't have been closer.
D.G. Sciortino

For the last five years, Axel lived the life of a typical family dog.

He was beloved by a family and hung around a cozy house with people who loved him.

But before that, Axel’s life was anything but typical as a K9 officer with the Central Falls Police.

Axel retired from the force about five years ago.

But his bond with his partner Officer Joseph Decristoforo will always remain.

Even though Axel is no longer with us after he passed away in September.

“The Central Falls Police Department morns the loss of our former K-9, Axel as the men and women of the department send their condolences to Officer Decristoforo, who lost his former partner. Although Axel retired five years ago, we want to thank him again for his service to the agency and the community of Central Falls,” the police department wrote on its Facebook page.

Central Falls Police Department
Central Falls Police Department

Many in the community were deeply saddened to hear of Axel’s passing.

Especially the animal community.

“I was asked to write about the passing of k9 Axel,” the Friends of Central Falls Animals Facebook page wrote.

Friends of Central Falls Animals
Friends of Central Falls Animals

“I don’t even know where to start. Seeing this photo hurts. Knowing he is no longer here hurts. Knowing his partner in life will no longer have him at his side hurts!”

Axel was very dedicated to his job.

He loved it so much that he worked past the age that most K9s do because he just had it in him to keep going.

According to Friends of Central Falls Animals, “Axel was all business on the streets.”

Friends of Central Falls Animals
Friends of Central Falls Animals

“He did a phenomenal job at keeping the streets safe, and he always made sure our officers were safe regardless as to how dangerous a situation was. He wouldn’t have hesitated to give his life to save the life of a fellow officer, especially his partner, Officer Decristoforo.

Though Decristoforo had been on the force for a while, Axel was the first K9 he ever worked with.

Decristoforo and Axel were extremely close.

Decristoforo even adopted Axel after the K9 retired five years ago.

Axel lived a very happy and comfy life in his retirement.

But it was hard for Decristoforo to see his best buddy go.

“I can’t find the right words to describe the love that Officer Decristoforo had for Axel, but I do know he’s feeling broken right now by the loss of his other half,” Friends of Central Falls Animals wrote.

“I want him to know that he gave Axel the best life and friendship that he’s ever had! They were very lucky to have each other in life, and Axel will still be watching over him.”

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

Many on social media were heartbroken over the sadness expressed by Decristoforo over the death of his best buddy.

“I’m so sorry for your loss it’s so incredibly hard to lose a pet and partner. He will be waiting over the rainbow bridge for you no longer in pain, playing with the other dogs,” one said on social media.

Rest in peace Axel!

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