Police horse crashes an outdoor salsa class and shows off his moves

February 9th, 2021

Prior to 2020, socially distanced dance classes were completely unheard of. But during these COVID times, for many of us, a socially distanced class is the only way we can continue our workouts at the minute.

One dance instructor from the Netherlands wasn’t going to let the pandemic stop her from grooving with her students, so she decided to hold socially distanced dance classes in a local park.

One thing worth noting about taking your dance lessons out in public is that just about anyone can join in. But on this occasion, it wasn’t the local drunk who decided to bust some moves with the group – but a totally different kind of student.

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Fiek Vdh of The Hague was dancing out in the park with her students one sunny day when a couple of horses came along to steal the limelight! It ended up being a dance class like no other, and the hilarious moment was captured on video so that Fiek and her students will remember what happened forever.

Fiek shared the video onto her Facebook page with the caption:

‘Did a salsa class last night at the Zuiderpark Den Haag. Two police officers on horseback came by and decided to join us! Amazing and what an enthusiasm ☀️☀️

This needs to be shared right??’

The dance instructor’s audience listened, and before long the video had received over 3.3k shares. It turns out that people can’t get enough of the video of the dancing horses!

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Fiek begins her dance class like any other, and as the music begins, she shouts instructions to her fellow members.

However, it isn’t just her students who are following her commands. The clever horses are determined not to be left out of the dance, and as Fiek and her class step side-to-side, so do the horses! Fiek then spins on the spot, and a second later, so do the horses.

They make a great addition to the dance class, and we can’t forget about the officers on top of the horses, who carry out all of the arm movements with great enthusiasm.

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The whole thing looks so comical that we’re amazed that Fiek is able to carry on with the lesson, but aside from a few laughs in the horses’ direction, she manages to keep things professional!

Unsurprisingly, it isn’t long until a crowd has formed to watch the class’s two unusual members busting their moves. Things are already pretty surreal because of the pandemic, but these two dancing horses take things to a whole new level!

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Fiek was amazed at how far her video was shared, and she said in a later Facebook post:

‘One week ago I posted a video of me and my friends to which we danced salsa, with company of two police officers on horseback. A special and unique situation, which especially gave and radiated lots of fun. A positive vibe, in this (still) weird time.
I asked y’all to share the video and this was done massively. Now we are one week further and the video has continued all of Europe and even out there like America. Multiple media platforms were interested in this video. Bizarre and incredibly amazing 😁

I want to thank you for sharing, because of you this video went viral. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible!

Thank you so much! Thank you very much! Muchas gracias!’

We think that this video is the perfect mood-lifter during these uncertain times. Watch it for yourself below!

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Source: Fiek Vdh