Woman posts hilarious photos to prove her cat is trying to steal her husband

September 15th, 2020

Jarvis is a Scottish Fold cat from Thailand who is pretty obsessed with his human dad.

And while he seems to love mom, Nasrin Hami, too, he’s pretty intent on letting her know that he and dad are the ultimate bros and she’s the odd one out.

And dad loves Jarvis too – watching them gaze into each other’s eyes, hang out together, eat side-by-side is all just too funny.

Hami’s photos show just what it’s like when a cat chooses a favorite human and wants all other humans to know “IT MINE.”

Take a look at 15 of the best photos of their bromance.

1. The Jarvis Show

The only thing Jarvis likes more than his dad is Jarvis.

So why not sit down with your best bud to stare at a photo of yourself all afternoon?

No one looks like they’re complaining here.

2. Table for two

When Jarvis isn’t smothering his dad with affection, he’s guarding him and his food during mealtime.

This seems to be a sacred place and folks are sure to get the stink-eye from this cat when they approach the table.

3. Cat bed

Dad is not just a friend, he is a cat bed.

And if you should approach the pair while they are relaxing, you’ll get a look like this.

That would certainly make us think twice.

4. Gamers

He might not have thumbs, but that doesn’t keep Jarvis from claiming the territory around dad as his own while he plays on his phone.

Screen time is also Jarvis time. No girls allowed.

5. He’s mine

You’ve got to appreciate a cat that can cuddle and glare at the same time – that’s talent.

But when the headbutts come, everyone else can just back the heck off.

6. Take a hint

Jarvis is not into subtlety. That’s a time-waster.

He’d rather just let you know with his eyes that you’re not welcome into his club of 2.

We assume it’s best to respect the first warning as there will be no second warning.

7. Don’t even think about it

This lap – this belongs to Jarvis. And dad. But no one else.

Certainly not mom.

8. What are you looking at?

There is no dad here, only Jarvis.

This cat is not above blocking all views of dad in order to obscure his favorite thing from the eyes of others.

We’re starting to get the feeling Jarvis doesn’t like sharing.

9. It goes both ways

Love in a two-way street and dad loves his cat right back.

We’re sure he loves his wife too, but that’s probably hard to demonstrate with Jarvis always up in his face.

10. Lap cat

If there is a lap, Jarvis will sit on it.

And he will guard it with his life.

In fact, his glare looks like it’s meant to serve as a long-term warning.

11. King of Dad Mountain

Jarvis has put himself in charge of dad’s nap and it’s pretty clear no one is allowed to wake him up.

We shudder to think of the consequences if anyone gets too close.

Just look at that face!

12. Hanging out

Nothing to see here, it’s just two best bros hanging out – with one of them giving the death glare in case anyone gets any ideas about breaking up the fun.

Fun is only for dad and Jarvis.

13. Guest appearance

Mom makes her way into a photo every now and then.

And while Jarvis can be cuddly with her, we can’t help but laugh at him using her face as a ledge on which to rest his chin and gaze lovingly at dad.

14. Why?!

As you can see, Jarvis got to share some camera time with another Scottish Fold kitten recently.

He took it really well.

15. No room at the buffet

It’s pretty clear that Jarvis is a spoiled cat (as all cats should be!). And from the seafood feast in front of him, we can completely understand why he’d want to be protective of his space.

We think we know which of his parents can be counted on to feed him from the table.


Scottish Folds aren’t known for being terribly clingy, but they are affectionate and they do tend to pick a favorite person.

We imagine first place goes to the person who lets them sit wherever they want, whenever they want.

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Source: The Scottish Fold, Facebook – Nasrin Hami
H/t: Bored Panda