83-yr-old goes missing but her cat leads neighbor to her
Had it not been for the 83-year-old senior citizen's cat's constant meowing at the neighbor no one ever would have known.
Rebecca Reid

Those who say black cats are unlucky don’t know Piran; the lovable, loyal cat who saved his owner’s life.

Piran alerted police recently to his owner’s whereabouts after the 83-year-old went missing near her home.

The elderly woman from Cornwall was found safe after falling through barbed wire, down a steep ravine, and into water. She had gone missing on Saturday and neighbors were very troubled. Their concern was growing as they scoured the area around her home searching for clues. Thankfully, the woman’s cat Piran knew exactly where to look.
SkyNews screenshot, credit Tammy Longmuir
SkyNews screenshot, credit Tammy Longmuir

Piran wouldn’t stop meowing and a neighbor knew he was trying to tell her something.

“This was unusual,” Tammy Longmuir told Sky News.

Neighbor Tammy Longmuir, 38, noticed Piran’s persistent meowing along the corner of a large maize field near the elderly woman’s home. Longmuir couldn’t ignore the fact that the cat seemed to be drawing attention to this particular area. She knew very well how attached the cat was to its owner. She decided to let Piran lead the way.

Posted by Bodmin Police onSaturday, August 14, 2021

“Just as I was going to go off the path and start going through the crop, I heard a very faint response to my calling… I then quickly realized my neighbour was down the 70ft ravine…she had gone through the barbed wire and was laying in the stream – we think she had been in there for hours.” – Tammy told Sky News

Posted by Bodmin Police onSaturday, August 14, 2021

With Piran’s help, it wasn’t long before Tammy realized the 83-year-old had fallen down a steep embankment.

According to the Bodmin Police Facebook page, police and emergency services were called and the rescue took place despite some treacherous conditions.

Posted by Bodmin Police onSaturday, August 14, 2021

The area where the woman fell had ‘incredibly difficult access and uneven terrain’. – Bodmin Police

With Piran looking on, the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, water rescue, Cornwall Air Ambulance, and SWAST, were all present and able to successfully pull the woman to safety.

Posted by Bodmin Police onSaturday, August 14, 2021

After the ordeal, Bodmin Police notified the public that the elderly woman was doing just fine.

“The female was hoisted back up to the field on a stretcher via line rescue. She was then taken to hospital via the Air Ambulance in a stable condition.” – Bodmin Police

Posted by Bodmin Police onSaturday, August 14, 2021

And of course, they would never forget who was responsible for initiating the rescue in the first place.

The police were quick to praise the brave cat Piran whose clever, quick thinking made all the difference.

“Piran the cat saved the day!” – Bodmin Police

Posted by Bodmin Police onSaturday, August 14, 2021

The police included an update on their Facebook page.

“Whilst the lady concerned is still currently receiving care, she is in good spirits and is being well looked after.” – Bodmin Police

It is very likely that the rescue would not have been so successful without Piran. Tammy Longmuir was happy to have his help.

Piran the Hero! 🦸🏼‍♂️ 🐈‍⬛

Posted by Bodmin Police onMonday, August 16, 2021

“Without the cat waiting at the gate to that field, it could have been hours later that I or anyone else would have checked in there,” – Tammy Longmuir told Sky News

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By Rebecca Reid
Rebecca Reid is a contributor at SBLY Media.