Orphaned bear cubs make collective ‘sound of contentment’ when eating apples
Sound of contentment, indeed. Those apples were a blessing to these cubs who were obviously delighted with the treat.
Cherie Gozon

Wildlife leaves us with so many mysteries.

We seldom encounter wild animals (for obvious reasons), but there is always something about them that leaves us in awe when we do. People are often scared of the big and ferocious creatures, but their gentle side wins our hearts.

Unsplash - Hans-Jurgen Mager
Unsplash - Hans-Jurgen Mager

These bear cubs captured the hearts and attention of many in this viral tweet.

Writer and animal lover John Fusco dropped by the Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, New Hampshire. He brought a delicious surprise for the bear cubs there – a truckload of apples!

The cubs gathered around the apples and had a small feast.

Twitter Screenshot - John Fusco
Twitter Screenshot - John Fusco

They were so focused on eating that they didn’t mind John’s visit so much – except for one of them who went near him as if begging for food. But the rest of the pack were just enjoying their tasty treats.

But what made this video viral was some unusual sound in the background.

It turned out that cubs made this pleasant hum, and it seemed like they were making that sound together. According to black bear expert and the center’s wildlife rehabilitator Ben Kilham, that was a sound that cubs make when happy and contented.

It also helped that the cubs were in a healthy sanctuary.

According to conservation scientist Rae Wynn-Grant, who was with John Fusco, it made sense that the bears were cooing. She also said that bears don’t often make that noise and are primarily quiet creatures.

The cubs were delighted with John’s visit after all.

They continued munching on the crunchy apples and enjoyed the gift that John had brought them. The Kilham Bear Center was also happy with the visit and the food that John brought along with him.

These cubs are in Kilham Bear Center because they have nowhere to go.

Most adult black bears (mothers, especially) go beyond the woods to hunt for food. However, when they find food somewhere, they usually keep coming back for more.

Once they get habituated, they get too close to humans, posing a great danger.

The government ordered euthanizing these adult bears who frequented the suburbs. They may be just animals looking for food, but when it comes down to it, these animals can be deadly to humans, too.

Aside from keeping them safe, the bear center helped the cubs transition to being ready to go to the wild. Each year, they release yearling bears when they’re ready to fend for themselves. They released 40 bears last year and currently have 18 for release this year.

Therefore, sanctuaries like the Kilham Bear Center are essential.

They take in orphaned bear cubs and provide food for them. However, this would depend on their natural food supply to ensure that all cubs are well fed and get the proper nutrition. That’s why John’s apples were very much welcome in the center.

The bear center often relies on donations from people to feed the cubs.

Some people drive by to bring apples and other fruits and acorns, too. These donations come in handy when they experience drought or insufficient food supply in their natural habitat.

Check out the adorable video of the bears below!

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