Officers locate 2 missing girls then realize they’re not alone
It turns out they were being protected.
Madison Maxwell

A parent’s worst nightmare is noticing that your kids are not where you thought they were and that they are nowhere to be found.

This family had the scare of their life when their two daughters and their dog went missing.

Thankfully, the girls were being protected by their family dog.

YouTube - Inside Edition
YouTube - Inside Edition

The girls get lost in the woods near the house.

YouTube - Inside Edition
YouTube - Inside Edition

7-year-old Abigail and 4-year-old Cecilia were playing outside in their backyard when they realized they were lost.

The girls, who were playing with their dog Artemis, realized that they were far from home.

Abigail said “[we were] playing in the woods and following Artemis and we got lost.” – YouTube – Inside Edition

The girls were gone for 5 long hours.

YouTube - Inside Edition
YouTube - Inside Edition

If you’ve ever had a moment where you thought your child or the child you’re watching has gone missing, typically your mind immediately goes to the worst possible scenario which leads to panic.

Mother, Abigail Bourg shared, “Your mind just starts going to the worst places. Did someone drive up here and take all of them?”

During the time the girls were missing, their parents looked for help where ever they could find it.

First, she called 911 to make them aware of the situation which would eventually lead to a search.

Then, she went to Facebook to lean into her community for help asking people to keep an eye out and to pray for their girls along with their golden retriever.

What happened in the woods?

Thankfully, while the girls were in the woods, they were very smart to stay in one place when they got lost.

They shared that because it was cold they curled up with Artemis to stay warm.

By that time, they all had wandered over a mile away from their home. After 5 hours, they were found!

With searchers in the woods, Artemis started barking which lead the search force right to them.

He even started barking at the searchers when they got near to protect his girls.

The family reunited after an agonizing evening.

It was after dark when the police brought back the girls to their parents, who were overjoyed and so grateful to have them back.

The first hug was an emotional event for everyone involved.

And the girls’ parents were so proud of Artemis for protecting the girls when it mattered most.

Grateful parents thanking their community.

Facebook - Mary C Bourg
Facebook - Mary C Bourg

The girls’ mother went to Facebook and thanked everyone who supported them through this situation.

She shared:

“We CANNOT thank everyone enough for all the search forces, support, and prayers. We had an army physically and spiritually standing for our family. Our hearts are so so full of love and gratitude for the immediate support from our community and others areas too. We even had other countries lifting our family up in prayer.” – Facebook – Mary Bourg

Learn more about this happy story in the video below.

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By Madison Maxwell
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