Mischievous pandas gang up against caretaker and it soon turns into hilarious standoff
These pandas had me cracking up!
Sasha Alonzo

Imagine a task as mundane as raking leaves, but with a twist – you’re surrounded by a group of baby pandas.

These little creatures are known for their endearing clumsiness, mischievous behavior, and an overwhelming desire to play.

Their curious and playful nature turns any simple task into an unexpected and often hilarious adventure, especially for those responsible for their care.

This is the daily reality for Nanny Mei, a dedicated keeper at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Her role is pivotal in the conservation efforts for these magnificent creatures.

Since the giant pandas’ status improved from “endangered” to “vulnerable” in September 2016, the focus has been on increasing their population.

This involves not only facilitating mating but also ensuring the well-being and growth of the young pandas.

However, Mei’s job is far from easy, as evidenced by a recent episode in the panda enclosure.

Tasked with the simple chore of raking leaves, Mei found herself in a comical predicament.

The entrance to the enclosure was hilariously obstructed by a wriggling, playful mass of pandas, making it nearly impossible for her to even begin her work.

Demonstrating quick thinking and resourcefulness, Mei devises a clever strategy.

She throws her colorful broom over the fence, reminiscent of a classic Tom and Jerry cartoon.

This clever distraction works wonders, drawing some of the cubs away from the gate and allowing her to finally enter the enclosure.

The pandas’ reaction to the broom highlights their curious nature, even if it doesn’t say much for their intelligence.

Once inside, Mei’s challenges escalate.

She now has to retrieve her broom from the playful clutches of the pandas.

In a humorous struggle, one of the cubs manages to detach the broom head, leaving Mei without her main tool.

The task of cleaning the enclosure is delayed further as Mei deals with these fluffy bundles of energy.

Getting her broom back was just the start of Mei’s ordeal.

The real test begins when the pandas discover the basket full of leaves.

Their fascination with the leaves is unyielding.

They playfully attack the basket, tipping it over, jumping into it, and scattering the leaves in all directions.

Mei’s simple chore of collecting leaves turns into a relentless game of trying to outsmart these playful cubs.

Mei quickly realizes that handling these pandas is more than a one-person job.

She attempts to gather leaves while simultaneously keeping the playful cubs at a distance.

It’s a constant juggling act – for every handful of leaves she collects, she has to pause and sidestep the energetic pandas, who occasionally get too dizzy from their own antics to interfere.

The scene unfolding in the panda enclosure could easily be the premise for a new arcade game, “Panda Raking.”

The challenge?

Collecting leaves while navigating around two exuberant baby pandas determined to turn your task into their playtime.

It’s a test of agility, patience, and the ability to find joy in the midst of chaos.

Mei’s experience with these pandas is a testament to her incredible patience and dedication.

Her ability to adapt to the unpredictable nature of these adorable yet mischievous creatures is truly commendable.

For a glimpse into this delightful chaos, be sure to watch the full video below.

It’s not just an entertaining watch but also a heartwarming reminder of the playful spirit of these endangered animals and the tireless efforts of those who care for them.

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