Baby cow is lonely on farm so mom brings home ‘first-ever friend’
The poor little cow just wanted a friend.
Irene Markianou

People who love animals usually go for cats and dogs, but there are others who care about any kind of animal, and they try to take care of them, especially when the animals are facing a hard time.

Just like baby cow Buckley, who lost his mom more than four years ago, and he was extremely sad.

“I had no plans on a cow to be honest,” Leslie Ackerman said.

The woman had no idea what she could do with a cow, but, when the baby cow lost his mom, he got super sad, so Ackerman decided to adopt him when he was five weeks old.

YouTube - The Dodo
YouTube - The Dodo

Ackerman had no idea what to do with him, but she only knew that she had to take care of him because he was devastated.

So, she just sat close to him, and they even slept together at times in order to make the baby cow feel better.

Sometime later, and while Buckley the cow had not started feeling well or socializing, the woman had an idea.

YouTube - The Dodo
YouTube - The Dodo

Would it be fun to get a new baby goat?

“With proper care and less competition, cows and goats get along and can live side by side happy and healthy. You do not have to worry about cows and goats fighting each other in the pen. In fact, might become friends with time,” experts say.

And the woman tried getting a goat friend for her baby cow.

YouTube - The Dodo
YouTube - The Dodo

Ralphy the new goat that arrived there was still a baby, and he was put next to Buckley’s “room” for the very first days. In fact, they started observing the two animals that started getting closer and tried to find out if they were safe to be closer together.

A couple of days later, it became clear that the two animals would soon be best friends.

Indeed, the new goat that joined the place made Buckley a new version of himself.

YouTube - The Dodo
YouTube - The Dodo

“As long as he had Ralphy with him, he became a whole new calf,” Ackerman explained.

Since then, the cow and goat have been best friends and have been hanging out together.

They chase each other, they bang their heads, and they have fun — although Buckley is really careful when he bangs his head on Ralphy’s head trying to make sure his friend won’t suffer.

They enjoy each other, and they always want to make sure their best friend is around in order to be calm. If they don’t see each other around, they scream, and when they do see their best friend, they just go back to their stuff.

“It’s just very cute how no matter where they are,” Ackerman says, “they’re always within 20 feet of each other.”

Indeed, it’s amazing how best friends these cuties are. They are just lovely and spend their best time together.

They also have an Instagram account, where their sweet photos are shared.

Watch their story below.

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