Migrant worker carries tired dog on her shoulders for 2 days, refuses to leave him behind amid crisis

June 30th, 2020

China’s annual dog meat festival is getting underway in the city of Yulin, but as you can expect, the thought of literal “puppy chow” is not leaving a very good taste in some people’s mouths.

While the choice of meat we consume is often a cultural thing, one thing’s for sure – there are certainly millions of doggy lovers out there!

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However, most people aren’t actually the kind of doggy lovers that see their pets as something that goes great with a side of rice.

Instead, doggos are valuable family members. In fact, some people love their pooches so much, they’ll literally walk hundreds of miles for them!

While China is getting slammed by animal activists, in other parts of the world, like India, one migrant woman made doggy news for another reason.

She was caught carrying her tired furry friend on her shoulders for two days while she walked all the way home to her village.

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Twitter/WickedWitch74 Source: Twitter/WickedWitch74

In a photo that surfaced on Twitter, we can see the exhausted Indian woman taking her dog for a stroll. But, instead of a leash and collar, this tiny little thing was propped up on her shoulder because it “gets tired very soon.”

She had been walking for two days at that point, and as you can imagine a small dog like that would tire very quickly.

So, she scooped him up and carried the pup like she was her baby!

Twitter user Fragrantwhirlwind tweeted:

“Labourer walking home, says, ‘This one gets tired very soon. He lives with me….couldn’t have left him.’ [She] had been walking for two days.”

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Twitter/WickedWitch74 Source: Twitter/WickedWitch74

Tweets in support of the poor migrant woman praised her for not letting hunger be a reason for abandoning her pup.

@Fragrantwhirlwind went on to say:

“It does make one feel so bad. But the flip side is look at the compassion she has coupled with strength of spirit and sheer resilience.”

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Twitter/WickedWitch74 Source: Twitter/WickedWitch74

The woman’s name and location is not known, but plenty of folks around the world have been giving her kudos for her compassion.

At a time when some people are suspicious of animals because of perceived zoonotic threats (COVID, anyone?), others wouldn’t dream of giving up on their fur babies.

@iid_sp tweeted:

“Oh my God. I cannot control my tears. If only the leaders of this nation had one-hundredth of this lady’s compassion and commitment, we would have come through this crisis with a fighting chance.”

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Twitter/thatdogfather Source: Twitter/thatdogfather

The love and support over this woman’s actions kept pouring in. @myth_mythily replied:

“When I thought the images can’t possibly make me tear up anymore! Such a kind, wonderful person. People have so much and they refuse to lift a finger to help them. She has little but sees no burden in carrying him.”

This woman isn’t the only migrant worker who was caught loving up her pet. It turns out that spoiling furries is a thing!

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Twitter/_swati_dwivedi Source: Twitter/_swati_dwivedi

Twitter user @_swati_dwivedi jumped in by sharing a photo of a different pair of migrant workers caring for their dog as they made the long trek back to their village.

“A migrant family carrying their pet along… Pl don’t abandon your pets…they are family and for them, we are their world.”

@nuri_numinous added:

“There are people who abandoned their pets during the crisis. There are others who are killing them because they think they are COVID carriers. And then there are migrants like her who are carrying their friends even amid great difficulties!”

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Twitter/_swati_dwivedi Source: Twitter/_swati_dwivedi

The risk of pets being abandoned is always higher during times of crisis. But as these fine examples of human beings have shown us, puppy love pretty much trumps everything.

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Source: Gulf News, Twitter