Meet Danniel: He Weighs 2,300 Pounds And Is The Tallest Cow In The World

July 20th, 2017

Genetics can be pretty weird sometimes, as is the case with perhaps the tallest cow in the world. Meet Danniel, a 6 foot and 4 inches tall bovine with a hefty weight of no less than 2300 pounds. Compared to other cows and steers, Danniel looks like a giant.

Danniel is from Eureka, California and his size has already made him become an attraction for the locals, owner Ken Farley says.

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The cow’s owners are now hoping to get him registered in the Guinness World Records to officially recognize him as the tallest cow in the world.

The previous record stands at 6 feet and just a little over 2 inches and belonged to a female Holstein, Blosom. Unfortunately, Blossom passed away in 2015 due to a severe leg injury. With Danniel’s 6 foot 4 inches at the highest point, he could definitely take over the crown of World’s Tallest Cow.

Ken doesn’t treat Danniel any different from all the other animals, although he does eat significantly more than his fellow cows and steers. On average, the regular cows eat about 20 pounds of hay and 5 pounds of grain every day – but Danniel’s nutrition is a large step-up.

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On a daily basis, he is fed over a 100 pounds of hay and 15 pounds of grain, which is around four times the amount a normal cow needs to eat in 24 hours. He also drinks about 100 gallons of water every day.

Despite Danniel’s imposing size, Ken describes the sweet animal as a “big puppy”.

“We first noticed that he was abnormally big when he was about six months and he was being bottle fed, he says to Barcroft Animals.

At the end of six months, he would just knock the bottle out of my hands. He was just too big to handle.

Holsteins are known to be large animals, they’re known for their size, but he is a bit taller than the average Holstein,” Ken explains somewhat jokingly.

“As far as being different from other animals, he just eats more and drinks more. The average size steer would be about 4ft 5in versus the 6ft 4in that Danniel is.”

Unfortunately, Ken wasn’t equipped to take care of a cow like Danniel because the place was just too small. Luckily, Danniel has been relocated to the Lost Coast Hay Farm where he’s got a lot more space to hang around.

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The farm is already planning to build a special barn for the bovine so that he can stay warm during harsh winter weather. People can also come and visit Danniel in the farm whenever they want.

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Source: Barcroft Animals