Man transforms space behind wall into a cozy cat bedroom so cat can relax, watch bird videos and more

June 4th, 2021

With more free time on their hands, many started taking up creative projects during the pandemic.

And many on the internet fell in love with one of Byran Davies’ quarantine projects.

He built an entire mini room in his house just so his cat Wyatt could have his very own bedroom.


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Byran and his wife Jessica live in Shingleton, California.

Wyatt the cat is their only child so they like to spoil him.

“Our elderly cat Percy passed away in 2019 at the age of 18 and we were devastated,” Bryan told Metro.


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“A year later, while we were not looking for another pet, Wyatt found us. Last autumn while we were donating to a local pet rescue thrift store, I noticed my wife cozying up to a kitten in a cat tree in the corner. Twenty minutes later, he was home and part of the family.”

They went all out for Wyatt’s room. It had art, entertainment, toys, lighting, and of course a cozy bed.

And it only cost then about $20 in total.

The couple had the idea to create a bedroom for Wyatt when they were remodeling their own

“‘Our roof has a very steep angle because we get a lot of snow in the winter,” Bryan said.

It was the perfect little nook to create a tiny cat bedroom in.


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“Because of this and an awkward but necessary window placement, a small and virtually unusable space was created in the bedroom. We thought at first we could use it for storage but with Wyatt’s television viewing habits on our minds, we were struck with inspiration.”

Wyatt is a big fan of watching all the birds and squirrels play from the window.


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But when there were fewer to watch during the winter the couple decided to let Wyatt watch bird and mice videos on YouTube. Their TV, however, was really too big for Wyatt to enjoy since he likes to jump at the screen while watching

So, Wyatt’s new bedroom has a tablet safely mounted to the wall so he can watch his videos and jump at the screen.

It’s held in between two pieces of wood with a piece of plexiglass over it. At the rear of the room is a little wooden box bed with an adorable quilt and cat pillows. He had a bedside table with a plant and picture frame on it.


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My favorite part of the whole room is a replica of a mounted bass fish on the wall. There are also a few cat portraits on the wall.

Apparently, Wyatt also likes to paint so there is a pallet and easel with a lovely painting of Bob Ross painting.

He’s also got a nice colorful round rug to tie the whole room together and plenty of storage space for his toy stuffed mice. There’s a tiny scratch post and an old-school video game. Also a nice little chair and pillow. An overhead light brings some illumination to the room. He might be spoiled but he deserves it.

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