Man writes an HR complaint about his cat while working from home
Irene Markianou

Everyone who loves animals or has pets at home knows that it’s amazing to have them close to you.

Animals are sweet, and they help us relax while they reduce our stress and help us live a better life. However, not every time of the day is ideal to have a pet around – especially a cat, who can jump wherever it wants.

Unsplash - Helena Lopes
Unsplash - Helena Lopes

Nowadays, more people are working from home.

This means that if you have pets at home, you need to teach them to respect the working hours. And for some pet owners, this has proven to be much more tricky than they thought it would be.

And while experts give some useful advice to pet owners who work from home, there are some animals who just can’t be taught to respect their parents’ working hours.

Unsplash - Cristian Tarzi
Unsplash - Cristian Tarzi

These ideas include keeping the kitty occupied, setting up a break schedule so you can play with the pet within the day, or giving pets their own space. When it comes to kittens, everyone knows that they just love keyboards for some reason, so arranging some space for them far from the keyboard would make your life easier.

But, let’s be honest, whatever we do and no matter how hard we try, our pets will always do their own thing.

Unsplash - Victoria Alexandrova
Unsplash - Victoria Alexandrova

Just like it happened in Andrew Stych’s home when he and his wife Sheila started working from home in 2020.

The couple has pet cats, and one of them named Penelope seems to have been a real problem during their working hours. Andrew thought Penelope was really causing trouble to Sheila, so he decided to write a letter of complaint against her.

“Wrote this HR letter to one of our cats (Penelope) that kept interrupting Sheila. People at my work have been laughing about it so maybe it will bring a smile to my FB friends,” Stytch wrote in a Facebook post during that time.

In the letter of complaint, Andrew pointed out the problems Penelope caused, such as shutting off the power strip and computer, stepping on the keyboard, and causing a “loss of productivity”.

The man explained that the cat had been a real distraction for his wife since Sheila started working from home.

“She likes to ‘help’ my wife with her spreadsheets and emails by walking on her laptop keyboard,” he told POPSUGAR. “She actually sent an unfinished email to one of her coworkers.”

The letter, which was obviously written in order to have some fun, made Sheila and the couple’s co-workers laugh.

“I love it, and it was well-deserved,” she said. “As household supervisor I have no problem putting my signature on it.”

As for the couple’s friends, they commented in the post that they just loved the letter.

“Omg this is amazing,” someone wrote, while another user commented: “THIS IS BRILLIANT. Rich and I laughed so hard. Thanks for that.”

What a funny idea! Let’s just keep it in mind for the future.

If you’d like to see more hilarious working from home with cat moments, check out the video below!

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By Irene Markianou
Irene Markianou is a contributor at SBLY Media.